A Rainbow 4th Birthday Party

The months before our little YM was going to be four, we asked her if she wanted to go on holiday for her birthday (like we did last year) or to have a birthday party (like we did for her 1st & 2nd birthday) – her answer was to have a ‘rainbow unicorn’ birthday party’.

Time became very short for me & I had very little spare time to do all the things I wanted to for her 4th birthday party, and knew I couldn’t splurge on all the things that I had been inspired by on ‘Pinterest’ as we are going on holiday in November too – So I budgeted, chose a few things & had a lot of help from my Mum, finding all the old things she used for mine and my little sisters previous birthdays. She also offered to make the rainbow cake & cupcakes. I had an idea in mind for the cake. Firstly I wanted to do one of those delicious chocolate Smartie cakes that kind of look like treasure inside – colourful, but not colourful enough for the theme. So I searched and found the idea for a bright ‘rainbow cake’, and I think she got it perfect! I also wanted to do a personalised bunting with her name on as we can never get it anywhere due to the spelling! So I quickly made this one….

The rainbow play dough favours I was busy making days before the party.

Happy 4th birthday to our beautiful YM.


Capturing colour

Rainbow kebab making

Little pixie

Fun with cousins

I love this photo of my ‘free as a bird’ (or fairy) little girl

She would disagree, but I love this photo of my younger sister, Poppi (only 16! makes me feel old…)

musical bumps

My amazing Nan, dressed in Yve’s favourite colour too 🙂

Dad & Nan

Looks like we’re striking a very awkward pose?…but I love this photo of my soulmate & I!

Sister loves – see, I don’t look almost ten years older do i?!

Embarrassing Mum photo was a must.

Trying to get into more of our photos instead of being the one hiding behind the camera taking them!

Oh her sweet face

capturing memories

Tiredness setting in

One of my best friends & I

A big embrace!

and then she was four.

Birthday girl running free with her balloons

Being silly with Uncle James (“who does the smelliest ‘pompidomps’ “)
My sweet boy.

She’s getting to that age where having a photo taken has to be done by her rules, and not when asked 😉

Another with my boy.
I’d much rather be playing on the climbing frame than posing with you Mumma…

Oh, what a handsome fella.

Father & Son

With Nanny M

I think parties overwhelm our little ones at times, a lot of attention for them in a short amount of time, I remember feeling a little emotional at some of my parties, bless her. Here she is afterwards striking a pose with her wonderful climbing skills.

This is so the face I used to pull as a kid.
And I just needed to show off her birthday cake, made by her Nanny M….

Preparing a party for one of your children can feel rather stressful, in my case anyway. I just wanted everything to be perfect for her, for her to enjoy her time and feel special just like anyone wants to on their birthday! She did have a little moment where I think it all got a bit much for her and got a little tearful (when she realised that the game she just participated in involved winning sweets – and she didn’t win, but we had hugs and explained that others can win on birthdays too, then she was fine.)
When we got home, we just sat and talked about how fast our little girl is growing. We feel blessed to have her in our lives. She really is a ray of sunshine to us. 
*Now excuse me, while I go and sob in a corner*

Here’s the post from her actual birthday x

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  1. Happy birthday! What a party. I love all the decor and vibrant colors. So amazing. I am glad you all had such a great time. Beautiful. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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