‘Cheese and Wine’ Evening? Yes please!

So we were invited to a ‘cheese & wine’ evening at Yve’s preschool last Thursday, a chance to speak to the staff, mingle with other parents, and also hear about how our little girl is settling into her new class. She was previously at another pre-school, but we decided to move her to this one as we had waited a whole year for the sought after place. It’s a wonderful little pre-school in a local village, very friendly, loving & the staff are amazing. they show such enthusiasm with the children, happy to talk to you with any concerns you may have, or just to simply tell you about your child’s morning. They show the children respect and use a very maternal method of caring. which I find very lovely!
The kiddies Auntie came to watch over them as they were all tucked up in bed, we got there & I immediately felt nervous, the thought of talking to others, being questioned by other parents who seem much older than us, or just a bit more well off? I instantly feel like we will be judged.
turns out, it was a lovely evening, the teachers were telling us nothing much sweet words about our little girl, how it feels like she has been there forever, is always offering help to others, very affectionate & loving towards her friends. She enjoys taking on challenges, yet loves to relax with the dolls in the home corner. 
“A very happy child”.
We were so proud of our girl hearing this, we get this from her anyway but to hear that she is the same towards others, and that she is thriving and adapting so well to another setting is amazing. We never doubted her, but having the reassurance from new staff is lovely. 
We also enjoyed some cheesy nibbles, wine & a lemonade and dash of Pinot Grigio for me! (I don’t get out much!) over all it was lovely to spend a ‘date night’ with this handsome fella – this is how we roll these days.
The staff thought it was super cute that we were having a child-free couple of hours at their parent’s evening, they also had a giggle and said “make the most of it, go & have another hour at the local pub!” – sounded lovely but I knew it wouldn’t be long before Phoenix would wake, and would want Mama milk to settle him! (I was reluctant to go as he’d been my little koala bear that day.)
We’re so proud of our little treasure Yvie-Mae. 
I promise we are mature adults really. 

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