Our little trio in November 2014.

Watching the bond between these three is truly something special.
Lets talk about my ‘sisters’ first. These two have such an unbreakable bond despite having moments where they are bickering or their personalities are clashing in some way. They will often want the same toy, or its usually when Yve’s will offer help to Halle, but her being a two year old who loves to do everything herself – it causes a disagreement. I have moments where I think “Why are they arguing again?!” over the same sodding toy! … the thing is, is that they love lots of the same things, have lots of similarities, but on the flip side there is 1 1/2 years age development between them, and they also have different temperaments. A very same/different situation here. For an example, we have been really into puzzles lately, Halle is obsessed with a Disney princess 16 piece puzzle, and Yve’s loves her Disney 3D multi pack – one minute they are doing their own puzzles, then they will annoy each other about who’s is who’s, or Yves will offer help and Hal will refuse saying “I just do it all myself!!”
Yve’s has always been thoughtful, helpful and loving. She will offer to lend a caring hand all the time, especially to her younger sister. Halle loves to do everything on her own, but funnily enough she also likes to have some help at times if un sure. I look at the playing, and I think Halle doesn’t realise she isn’t the same age as her big sister, she aspires to do all that she can but sometimes her age development holds her back – not a lot though, she’s a bright little girl, and almost as tall as big sis!
It’s when I see moments like these that melt my heart, this is the girls at some point every afternoon, You can tell they miss each other so much when Yve’s goes to preschool in the morning, Halle is desperate to stay with her!
Just look at these snuggles….


Disney dvd snuggles are lovely
They always have time for huge cuddles for each other!
Lending a helping hand, as always <3

They really are a pair of doting big sisters to this little chap. They always want to snuggle and kiss his chubby cheeks, and find it hilarious now he’s following them around, crawling all over the place and climbing on everything! They also have the best faces to cheer him up when he’s feeling tired and makes him burst into fits of giggles!


I’m being attacked with love, help!


Relaxed afternoons are the best with these three.


Excuse Yve’s yawn, but look at his eyes…. completely true to colour.


“Wait for me Yve’s”


“Lets show Phoenix the lovely colourful leaves Hal”


Big cuddles!
I feel so fortunate to spend life with these three, watching their bond blossom into something beautiful, I really hope they stay close, and be there for each other, forever.Find our other ‘Siblings’ posts below:

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dear beautiful
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  1. Oh they are all just gorgeous! Love the cuddly shots, you can really see how close they are.

  2. Mummy of Two says:

    I think it is just a general child thing to want the same toy someone else have – you could have two of exactly the same toy, they would still want the one the other was playing with! Lovely photos though and you can see the special bond x

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