Patience, Diminishing a dark cloud, and being you.

Dont you just hate it when you’re feeling so irritated, impatient, and just not yourself. The feeling of being out of control with your thoughts, coping mechanisms, the feeling of a dark cloud hanging over you.
The worst feeling is when you snap or take your mood out on others. Particularly your loved ones.

I feel that the triggers are usually hunger and tiredness in most cases.  Hunger is self explanatory, as we need fuel to live. We need energy to thrive, and most definitely a full tank to keep up with all aspects of motherhood. Tiredness can be a difficult thing to cope with, It makes you feel lethargic, run down and empty. It creates a thick fog that surrounds you, making any small thing seem like a big deal. You become snappy, irrational and “bite” at little things and in most cases – lose sight of the chilled, calm and patient person you usually are.

It steals happiness. 

This feeling is something that I am no stranger to, I have these days sometimes and it really does put things into perspective. It makes the good days seem even more magical, and makes you feel a huge sense of gratitude when looking at your life in the realistic light, and in a positive form. So i’m trying to channel my inner peace lately. I find myself setting too many tasks, just trying to do too much and not allow time got myself to refuel. 

So I am slowing down. I’m going to try and not set myself up for failure (too many things on my to-do list) and I am going to try to get the right balance between being a Mumma & being me.

I dedicate my life to my children, that will not alter, but I need to remember that I am my own person too. No one else’s issue here, it’s mine and I am slowly coming to realise that it is okay to want your own time, a quiet space uninterrupted, even if it is a cup of tea alone, to read a book, a meal with my friends etc. I’m recently trying to get in on the family photos, in years to come I want to be remembered for getting in on the fun instead of chasing everyone with the camera! I’m starting to find my own sense of style with fashion once again, I may get it completely wrong, but hey – being unique is better than a copyrighted version of yourself. After having my children, I lost the idea of who I was, and what I liked. This isn’t to put a negative spin on my life as a Mumma, I just want myself to wake up and realise that I need to stay in tune with myself along with all my other duties. 

I am going to realise that I matter too in this equation that is life. 

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  1. Carie says:

    I think that's very true – and it's part of the reason why I blog (and knit and sew and bake); I need there to be me-Carie in the everyday as well as me-Mummy – I consider it all my multivitamin for the soul

  2. I complete agree. We all need to be us as well as mommy and wife, partner, housecleaner, chef and all the other labels we get from others but the ones that we give our selves are just as rewarding and necessary for sure! Great post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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