{Ordinary moments} – Happy birthday Dad

My Dad really is my hero.
I have grown with the knowledge that my Dad will forever be there for me. We are lucky enough to see him almost every day if not every other day, I seek comfort in knowing my Dad is around. It’s always been that way, after my parents split when I my brother & I were only small, we use to alternate for who we stayed with. My brother & I would always moan about who’s turn it was, and I would always want to be where my Dad was. It was a very emotional and confusing time, but he would always try his best to shelter us from it all. He would go above and beyond to make us feel safe, and to make us feel happy. I think about more recent years, and even though I have been a parent myself now for 4 years, I seek comfort in knowing my Dad is nearby. If I need a chat, If I feel worried about something, he is always there to listen and offer positive thoughts. A few years back, when Yve’s was only 14 months old and I was 16 weeks pregnant with Halle, life through one of the biggest challenges my way, ever. My soulmate was kept away from us for 10 months. 10 very long, heart-wrenching months (Something we still find too raw to talk about). It tested my sanity, my strength, my heart. I was in a state of shock everyday and had to keep strong for my little girl, and unborn baby. Some days I would feel so alone but he would make me feel safe, and tell me that the light at the end of the very dark tunnel was getting nearer day by day.

My Dad will forever be included in my ‘ordinary moments’, I enjoy having our conversations, talking about complete rubbish half the time, talking about our dreams, aspirations, reminiscing about the past, drinking lots of tea, eating too much cake and admiring the little children that I became a Mummy to, his Grandchildren. I thank my Dad for raising me, and being a huge part in the parent I am today. As I write this, he is enjoying his last night on holiday, thats another thing. he’s completely fearless when it comes to travelling, alone that is. something I find so admirable. He has the ‘travel bug’ and I love to hear about his adventures each time. 
and recently he’s had another adventure and had his portrait painted by a very talented lady called Elizabeth Meek  (image 49). She is the President of the Society of Women Artists or President of the Royal Miniature Society. This extraordinary adventure my Dad went is completely wonderful don’t you think? I do.

Dad, you really do amaze me, you really are one in a million, and whatever life throws at you, you face it head on, show no fear and live life to the max. Remember, You are never too old to set a dream, go after it and succeed. I have all the faith in you.
This post is to say a very happy birthday to my remarkable, whitty and fantastic Dad. 
Love from Noobs

Mother & Son.
(I couldn’t add the other images due to my computer being down)

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  1. Carie says:

    Your Dad sounds wonderful – I hope he had a fantastic birday!

  2. Aw what a lovely lovely post Nat- it made me get tears in my eyes. Your dad sounds like one in a million and how lucky are you to have such an amazing man in your life? xx

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