A little adventure to Mudeford

We started our morning with Yve’s being super excited as she got to take her Daddy into pre-school for the ‘tiger who came to tea’ parent workshop, he really enjoyed it too as it was lovely to spend time with her, and see what she gets up to while he’s at work. Then it was off to get a cheeky donut… then it was off on our weekend trip away!

We had booked a little weekend trip about a month a go, our last family break before Christmas. It was booked for three nights at the Sandhills Park, Christchurch. We usually visit Christchurch, Mudeford and Avon Beach a few times a year and have done for the past 8 1/2 years. Except this time, it was Phoenix’s very first adventure down there! We always find the drive very therapeutic going through The New Forest, whatever season, it always manages to look so beautiful and really captures your eye. The two little ones had naps, but Yve’s was just too excited and was filled with questions including the “are we there yet?”

We arrived at the park, the weather wasn’t great. Just to be expected for November, and that didn’t phase us, all the more fun for puddle jumping and getting cosy afterwards. Daddy & Yve’s unloaded the car and little Miss was so giggly as she was riding along bringing all three of the kiddies ‘Trunki’s’ via her very own handmade ‘Trunki train’! The little two were snuggled watching ‘Frozen’ and taking it all in. Yve’s was in amazement at our new “home” for the weekend and shouted “I love our new home!”

All aboard the Trunki train!


We’re on holiday!
Henry the hoover…..
Relaxed storytime


Mountain climbing
Have a guess?
He’s growing so fast!
Happy day!
We collect some each time we visit.
That evening we took a stroll round the corner to the beach cafe, expecting to see the one we’re use to. Except we realised that it had been renovated and had a swanky new name and sign, so we had a lovely dinner at The Noisy Lobster. We started off with a latte for Daddy, huge luxurious hot chocolate for Mummy, and two slightly smaller hot chocolates for the girls! certainly did not disappoint…as for the food,
I had the ‘Harissa, honey and lime burger’, so did Halle, Daddy had the mussels in white wine sauce, Yve’s had the home made fish & Phoenix had a nibble of everything and was fascinated by peas!

Highly recommend this place


Nothing cuter than bath time babies, that smell!
Sleeping babies
On our second morning we decided to go up the other end of Avon beach to Haven Cafe for a full English breakfast. Completely a must when on holiday by the sea in England right? The girls were having slightly up & down moods, probably all the excitement of being on holiday! We had some delicious hot chocolates too – instant win! We all ate our food whilst watching the rough waves and very windy rain splattering over the windows, cold and rainy weather by the sea gives a completely different perspective on life living there – but it hasn’t put me off thats for sure. We then popped to the local ‘Sainsbugs’ to get some food shopping, made some yummy pizzas and snuggled up together all lovely and cosy.

My little eskimo


It was blustery!


Making wishes
safe with Daddy


Our hunt for ‘The Gruffalo’




Glorious puddles


My girl


Completely necessary by the sea!
Eyeing Daddy’s breakfast
One of the locals


This place is so therapeutic
They climbed a mountain!


Went on a boat, kind of.
A cheeky git on the hunt for our food
This one wanted Daddy snuggles by the sea!
I love this photo!
Happy after a little sulk….
Story time


They love stories


A rummage through Mummy’s bag


Tired girl
They couldn’t go anywhere without having their sofa snuggles


This bond is beautiful to watch
Our third day of our little getaway we had a lovely relaxed morning playing games, watching DVDs and being silly while waiting for Grannie to arrive. We enjoyed the food at ‘The Lobster’ so much the previous time we returned there with everyone for lunch, Tyrone thought it was only fair to opt for the lobster for a main with a mango creme brulee for pudding, The little ones had a similar dish to before & I had the maple pulled pork burger with a chocolate & salted caramel torte for pudding. delicious! I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get a window seat as the lighting was very dark from the gloomy weather
(hence the grainy images!)
Giggle pants


Nip nip


My girls are hot chocolate obsessed! – thanks to me…


We then strolled along the windy beach, did some stone throwing & exploring on the rocks before reaching the crabbing point. This was brilliant and we caught loads!
Taking it all in


Sandy hands
Her little ‘treasures’


Seeing what they could find


Rock climbing






Treasures of the sea






Moody beach hut pose!


Posing with Mummy


Auntie Skye



Uncle Mac
Looking after big sis
Back at the caravan we let the kids unwind, watching Phoenix’s crawling development was so adorable, he’s literally like a lightening now! We decided to visit the friendly little pub a short walk away like we did last year, but this time round it kind of ended in disaster as the girls were so over tired from the busy few days we’d had (not to mention the sea air!) so we headed back, did some colouring in, they had supper then retired to their cosy beds. Mummy & Daddy on the other hand…. ordered a delicious indian takeaway for two, and relaxed with our feet up near the fire (fake, but still great!)
Our last day had arrived, and we wanted to make sure we weren’t rushing. Stressed parents = stressed kids. So we chilled out, had our breakfast and morning snuggles. finished packing our things into the car and said goodbye to Mudeford until next time. We drove through town and felt peckish before our journey back home. It was absolutely bucketing down, so we spotted a little place called ‘The Madhatters Tea Rooms’ – sounded perfect, and it was near empty so it was a bonus! We enjoyed the best cream teas we had ever tasted, all for a lovely price too. He headed off, both girls were extremely tired and luckily gave in for a nap, as did Phoenix.
We arrived back home safe & sound and it was still lashing with rain! We decided to be extra organised and do washing, sort stuff out for work the next day & even cooked a lovely roast dinner.
I love our little adventures away.

Here’s our little (yeah, a little long…!) movie.


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