Rainbow Rain sticks

Some days the washing can wait.
Even the hoovering can wait. 
Some days I find that the best therapy for all is to play.
Crafting things and simply playing. Allowing your children to get imaginative with art supplies or just general bits of scrap that probably would’ve gone in the bin without a thought. Some days we have the days where we are happy to not be doing so much, to just sit back and… just be. However, there are also the days where small children want to have something to do, something to challenge them or to just simply enable them to create. My go to is always crafting. I sit them either at the breakfast bar (more recently, so little chap doesn’t eat all the stuff off the floor!) or if he’s napping – on our mat on the living room floor, or garden depending on the craft.
The girls are completely obsessed with rainbows this year, and its something that we all enjoy as a family. to hunt around after some showers, or so look out for rainbow lights peeping through the window, rainbow (petrol) puddle – you name it. Whenever they have paint, pencils or pens – it’s a wonderful selection of rainbows you will see. So this inspired our craft. 
‘Rainbow rain sticks’
I found these materials in our cupboard.
Scissors, tissue paper I picked up from Wilkinsons (also used at Yve’s rainbow themed 4th birthday party.)

Shred the tissue paper, we started cutting but found that ripping was way more fun.

PVA glue pots, brushes, sticks or just use your fingers to glue the whole tube. (We got these from their Nanny who got them from the library. just usual poster tubes will be fab!)

Picking dried glue, all kids love this right?

Concentration in its truest form.

Perfecting her style.

We used dried pasta shells in one tube, and rice in the other. They really enjoyed rolling them side to side to listen for the different sounds. 

Or use them as wands, or swords. This was Halle turning me into a frog “Like Winnie the Witch”.
So there you go. It’s an ordinary craft, it doesn’t break the bank, and its allowing your children to use their imaginations, have fun and you may even enjoy yourself too. I know I did!

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