Ordinary Moments – Elements of the past week

Wow, where are the weeks going? Christmas is just round the corner, we still have so much to do! 
Last week I posted about my little boy turning ten months
This week i’m turning my attention to Life this week.
I had a rare evening on my own, I went to a women’s Christmas craft evening at the local playgroup we go to on a Wednesday. Lots of Christmas decor, lights, mulled wine (or spiced apple juice in my case), canopies, and lots of lovely crafts including ceramic plate decorating (shown above) – I was thinking for ages what to do, use a template or do free hand, so I decided on my three ‘stars’ to symbolise each child, holly for Christmas, and the writing says it all. “Happiness lives here, Always” – I have hung it up in our kitchen to add to our Christmas decor, that took me about an hour, along with talking to the other ladies! I also made a bracelet for myself out of pretty buttons, and I also sewed this tree decoration in about 10mins from scratch! Very enjoyable evening, even if I did toddle there on my own! 
Fun at the garden Centre…
We met Father Christmas (Really grainy Iphone shot, but it’s the memory that counts, and the fact that the girls needed encouraging as he didn’t look like he did last year lol and i forgot my big cam, sob)
Mummy has just realised the ‘photobooth’ on the Ipad after having it for two years!

Look at cute children in the middle, and the crazy Mumma bottom left & right…..lovely.

I’ve been thinking lots about this photo from Christmas last year when I was 4 weeks away from my due date with Phoenix! I love it so much and kind of miss my ‘dip-dye’ hair!

Moments like this steal my heart
After a busy day I enjoyed a home made cinnamon spiced latte, topped with a caramel melting waffle & a pain au chocolate – indulging much? necessary I think! and I love my mug so much.
Not so much of a ‘proper’ blog post, but this is my space, these are elements that have been part of my life this week, and thought it would be nice to share, even if they are only iphone shots. Memories captured from the heart regardless of technical perfection 🙂 These moments are the little things that hold a big place in my heart. 
Linking up with  the ‘ordinary moments’ 

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. What a fun post and so many gorgeous photos too! Btw…I love that mug too! haha! x

  2. Carie says:

    I think they're lovely moments – little snippets of ordinary happiness and the perfect thing to savour and hold onto 🙂 And I love the sound of your craft evening, what a wonderful night out!

  3. You are right memories are the most important – grainy photos are good too tho x

  4. Love this Nat, lots of happy festive things going on in your house at the moment! I love that mug and the way you have styled the photo. And you are right, grainy or not, those memories are the most important thing. xx

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