Living Arrows 9 – Let them be little

I have a conversation with myself a lot lately (I’m not crazy I promise, okay maybe a little sleep deprived) 
I think I always have had these inner conversations since becoming a Mum. As much as I love to see each of my children grow, and thrive, I also find myself in a state of sadness looking back and remembering the short few years to who they once were.
Especially my girls seeing as Phoenix still is a baby, a very happy handsome one at that. But with my girls, I see them growing, way to fast and it hits me every now and then at how fast the past few years have gone. I see them as such a double act most of the time, completely at the opposite ends of the spectrum in ages, developments sometimes, but then completely alike too. 
My Yves is now four, She was the one who made me a Mummy, she turned my life into some magical journey, I look at her everyday and I just can’t put into words how proud I am, she can now sing her ABC’s, count lots, write her name and is showing so many interests in life. I dreamt of days like the ones now where I can have conversations with my little girl – but I do feel a sad at how we wont get the previous years back. 
Halle seems to have grown up so much since her 2nd birthday in May, she’s almost as tall as Yve’s, loves the same things, and can be like a bull in a china shop (what 2 year old isn’t?) she has the best dance moves I have ever seen in my life, so passionate and loving and very determined. I am so emotional writing posts like these, and it is why i will carry on doing so, and why I am so fortunate to be where I am, be able to experience & capture these special moments to cherish forever.
I look at them at see what they once were…how can a matter of a couple of years be capable of so much change? These images were from June 2012, Halle was weeks old and the closeness was visible from day one. Yve’s has always been such a sweet natured and caring soul, always aware of others and their feelings showing adorable signs of empathy, loves to make people happy, she has always been a friendly, and protective big sister. I thank her so much and will be eternally grateful for the little baby she was and the amazing little girl she is today – she’ll always be our baby in our eyes though! 

A sweet slumber
Guarding & admiring her new baby sister
Is she sleepy mama?
Yve’s was 19 months old when Halle was born, She loved to have her morning bottle of milk (after weaning from Mummy at 13 months!) whilst baby sister has Mummy’s “Boobie milk” 🙂
I hope they will forever share this closeness, an ever-lasting beautiful bond than can weather any storm.
Look at them now…
My gorgeous loving little girl – Four years old

My beautiful little firecracker – 2 and a half years.
i heart snappingliving arrows
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  1. Carie says:

    it's crazy how much they change in so short a space of time isn't it. Even just looking back at pictures from six months ago I can see a massive difference in my biggest two, especially Elma. Your girls are lovely- these are gorgeous pictures!

  2. EmmaT says:

    Lovely photos of them together, but that photo of Yves at 4 is just stunning. So smily and loving being in front of the camera. #livingarrows

  3. I love that one of Yves laughing at the camera- so beautiful! x

  4. Ah gorgeous post about your gorgeous girls,just lovely xx #sharewithme

  5. Wow what a gorgeous post and full of amazing photos too! I am in awe and now so broody too! Lovely. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me Happy Holidays! #sharewithme

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