Siblings – December 2014

December already, how is that even possible!
Life is good right now, usually December brings back some horrific memories for our family, but we’re finally feeling some peace when it comes to the festive period now. We are very much enjoying life as a family of five – completely bonkers but incredibly worth it.
Back in September, little Yve’s moved to a new pre-school, which was thankfully a wonderful move for us all, it was more flexible for us all, enabling me to be able to do things with the little two whilst she was there, and it seemed a much more relaxed environment for our little girl. We always said that we would  wait until she asked to go to “school” until putting her in a nursery as I already took them to playgroups from birth, but she’s thriving, and makes us so proud. That being said, Halle is joining her for one morning a week starting in January, and Yve’s will slightly add to her four mornings with staying until 3pm on a Thursday – She asked, and I am going to feel completely lost without her all day.


The fact that Halle is going to be spending a few hours without me & Phoenix around is a daunting thing for me as i’m so use to us three being together whilst waiting for Yve’s return but I feel a huge sense of comfort that these two little sisters will be sharing their morning together without me each Friday morning. I am sure Halle will be just like Yve’s was starting pre-school, excited, confident, self assured. (even though she is slightly older than Yve’s was as she was one month shy of being 3 when starting) Halle is only 2 and a half, but she already knows that a brand new tray with her name on & peg next to big sister is waiting for her after Christmas – she’s thrilled!
The girls have their moments when they annoy each other, want the same toy, can’t decide what game to play, dvd to choose, who has the most pens, or peppa pigs in the dolls house, we have incidents of Halle giving a tug on Yve’s hair – I think she secretly wants her super long hair to be honest 😉 but over all these two are closer than close. They snuggle each other every single afternoon once reunited from pre-school (check my Instagram feed for evidence!), they make sure they hold hands when the “scary bit” of The Gruffalo approaches, they make sure they say goodbye and greet each other with kisses and cuddles, they offer a helping hand, they also have this week been snuggling and going to bed snuggled together until we move them before we go up to bed, a beautiful bond they share.
They completely adore their baby brother, even if in recent months they get annoyed as he now likes to get stuck into their games, or puzzles on the floor, or munch their food whilst they’re looking away, or pulling on them to help his balance – its hilarious and completely adorable. He is constantly looking out for them, listening to their voices, even if in a different room, he greets them with the usual cheesy grin and squeal each morning, and after lunch time nap, Phoenix loves to follow them around, and especially loves bath time with them. He is also now trying to climb the sofas when they’re snuggled in the afternoons – and I know it won’t be long before I walk in from the kitchen to find all three of my sweet babies curled up peacefully together.
The days where I feel like i’m doing it wrong, or feeling like i’m not doing enough, Or when i just simply feel so exhausted I look at their dear little faces and its 100% and utterly worth every, single, second.






So here’s to another fantastic year of ‘Siblings’ in 2015 and beyond!
Look how much they’ve grown since May 2014 when I started joining in with this project! (links below)
Thanks for reading 🙂
dear beautiful
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7 Discussion to this post

  1. So so so beautiful Nat- love the one on top of the crates- so gorgeous. xx

  2. Grainne Reid says:

    Such lovely post, my eldest is 4 and her little sister 6 months and this post makes me so excited for the year ahead for them, thanks for sharing 😊

  3. Lovely post. I do like joining in and looking back. They grow so quickly it's nice to stop and reflect x

  4. Carie says:

    Oh this is such a lovely post, and so much of it rings true for me – especially as we have a similar trio, just six months or so behind. I'm really excited to see what this next year brings for my little ones, and it sounds like your three have a very exciting year ahead too!

  5. Ah so lovely, I always love seeing photos of Halle and Yves cuddling, so cute! Can't believe a whole year of this project has passed, it's scary! x

  6. Mammasaurus says:

    Such a change in them when you look back like that isn't there? I love the Siblings project – it really does make me smile each month. It looks like they've been having some fab adventures together! x

  7. Gosh what utterly beautiful photographs. You must be so proud! x

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