Me & Mine – A Family Portrait – December 2014

This Christmas was a special one for us all. It was our first Christmas as a family of FIVE. I can’t quite believe it still, but its amazing to think that we have these three special little people in our lives. 
Phoenix’s very first Christmas, and it’s been lovely to watch him gaze at all the lights in amazement, and also pulling the baubles and beads off the tree was his new favourite thing to do! 
Here’s our little tribe from Christmas morning, the girls were saying… “sizzling sausages”! haha. and it looks like Phoenix is signing “This dude is turning ONE next month”!
This one was Christmas Day at my Dads house. Halle was feeling a little overwhelmed and had just woke up bless her. Every photo i’ve asked from the girls over Christmas, they’ve just not been interested, or just rather be doing something else like playing with toys or asking for endless amounts of chocolates – ah!
But honest photos are the best, regardless of the emotion – at least its true.
As much as I love these photos, and all the posed ones – You can’t beat the natural shots in my opinion 🙂
Click on the images to have a look at our previous months in 2014. 
I’ve loved looking at everyone’s posts, and interacting with you all. Blogging really is a wonderful thing. It’s lovely to share with others what we all have a huge passion for. 
I’m so glad that i’ve captured our little family for the past six months, i’m looking forward to doing a full year in 2015.
dear beautiful
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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Such a gorgeous snap, and so perfect for December! I absolutely love it. It's so nice seeing your family photos from this year, hopefully you'll be joining in with is again next year too. x

  2. Laura CYMFT says:

    These are beautiful photos. The first Christmas is always an exciting one with a new addition. All the best for 2015!

  3. Carie says:

    Oh they are gorgeous photos! It's been our first Christmas as a five too and a lovely first it's been too – your little trio look like they've had a wonderful time!

  4. Kerry Dyer says:

    Aw gorgeous family Xx

  5. I just love your photos Nat- I swear you and I are kindred spirits. Beautiful little family. And I have top knot envy! xx

  6. I love your photos darling. They look so great. What a great way to capture the family together. I love this project. #meandmine

  7. Love all of your family pictures, they are absolutely beautiful xx

  8. Amber says:

    I love all of these so much. That first one in particular is just perfect – I hope that it is on your wall by now! You're SUCH an attractive family. x

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