Loving the little things 2015 -1/52

I’ve been following this wonderful blog called But Why Mummy Why for about 6 months or so now, its written by a lovely lady called Morgana. One thing that I’ve wanted to stick with is a linky called #littleloves. So, a new year is here & here we go with my first #littleloves of 2015…

A lot of christmas books, we’ve done a ‘book advent in 2014, and will definitely be carrying on the tradition!
I am also slightly obsessed (a healthy obsession!) with this blog. Truly amazing, so it only seemed fair to buy one of their books! the other one is on my wish list!


We watched a lot of childrens movies over the Christmas period, and a lot of Christmas ones! I am a huge fan of these kind of films, any excuse to get all cosy on the sofa and relive the magic of childhood, ha!

I love my new faux fur coat! I look massive here but i’m baby wearing Phoenix is his Boba carrier!
This album never grows old, i love it. Something so meaningful & therapeutic about it.

I attended a womans Christmas Craft evening a few weeks back, and I made a few things which i’m proud of. I usually have a small amount of time to craft for myself, would love to do more! I made a bracelet for myself made from buttons, I designed and painted freehand a ceramic plate, and also sewed this little tree decoration! done all this in a couple of hours while enjoying spiced apple juice, eating festive nibbles, & also engaging in actual adult conversation!
and lastly..

Happy new year everyone & thank you for reading! 

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  1. I love that you've been reading, watching and making Christmas things and glad I have read this post nearly a week late – dragging Christmas out that little bit longer for me x

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