{Ordinary Moments 2015} – 2/52 – Our Mornings.

In the week, we have our little routine that includes the various journeys to preschool. Each morning, other than Wednesdays when we all go to a messy play together – we love it, so much fun!, we all get ready, sometimes have the breakfast/coat/or shoes battles but most mornings it goes smooth, as smooth as it possibly can with three little ones aged just 4, 2.5 and 11 months old! We then get into the car; thank goodness we don’t usually have those awful carseat battles where your child turns into incredible hulk doing an ironing board impression, restraining any movement over the fact that they can’t have more chocolate buttons or the fact that they wasn’t allowed to have all the toys in the shop ;). I’m usually asked if we can have our ‘Frozen’ cd on “super louder”, to which I usually say yes, except on Fridays when we all have a boogie to Radio1 mix tape!
We head off, as soon as I pull out of our road we drive round to reach the roundabout, I then get two options from the girls “Mummy shall we go the traffic way, or the countryside way?” – to which they always shout out “Countryside holiday way to see our friends!”. 
They say “the countryside holiday way” as when we drive near the pre-school, not only is it surrounded by a lot of countryside, but Yve’s said it also looks a lot like when we go on holidays to the seaside as it’s all little quirky villages.
 We’re then off on our journey to pre-school which usually takes around 10-15mins, we’re normally belting out ‘let it go by this point’ – me included, and then I get told by Yve’s that i am so good and that I should go on a singing show, i’m really not, i think the description is tone deaf to be exact & if I was ever silly enough to go on silly singing shows, I would be one of those laughable, ‘OMG’ ones. just to put it out there. But hey, there’s nothing like some confidence boosting first thing in the morning! especially from the people who you love most & the ones who don’t see imperfections, especially yours.
Lets go back to the “our friends” part. These friends happen to be two swans. Two swans that have been living in a crop field for about 4months (until this week as it seems they have gone, sob!). I love that each morning, the girls way until we reach the point of seeing their ‘friends’. Their innocent little faces light up with excitement & shout that they can see them, and the fact that they need to get back home safely to their pond, lake, or in Halle’s imagination – “They need to go back home, all nice & warm on their sofa with a hot chocolate”. Children’s views on the world, their experiences, their world is something really magical isn’t it? I adore our little conversations, whacky & wild, sweet & short – whatever it is, I love to listen to their world.
The girls often have their own little chats, sweet sisterly secrets, infectious giggles, & love to point out anything they see. The way all three of them hold hands is completely heart warming thats for sure! These ordinary little car journeys that we have each morning are something I secretly love (aside all the hassle of loading three kids in & out while its hammering with rain that is!)
Friday morning, it was Halle’s first morning at pre-school. She is a little younger starting that Yve’s was but she’s been keen for a while! She will be with big sister which is a comfort for me more so, she was so excited to go see her new teachers! Yve’s has also added an afternoon to her Thursday session which is going to take some getting use to – for me! Halle also questions where her big sister is, and they embrace each other with a huge hug when they re-unite, then run off together down the little path to the car to make plans.
Phoenix & I had a very quiet morning while they were gone. I managed to get some blogging drafts done, drank a hot cup of tea & when we woke from his nap, we had lots of lovely snuggles. As much as I missed my girls, it was lovely to spend some uninterrupted time with my darling boy. It was very bizarre not having my girls with me, even though it was only for three hours, but its a change to our routine that we will adapt to well i’m sure.

I’m embracing the next few months, as another huge change will be happening in September, When Halle will be doing every morning other than Wednesdays, and my biggest girl is meant to be starting school. (more on this soon…)

All day without my Yve’s, all week. I’m not sure how i’m going to cope, or not cry every day!

Their bond is incredible.
Halle’s face – priceless

Can you tell she was excited?!
All these changes are something that I find lovely to watch but at the same time I just wish they would slow down, it’s all happening just too fast. 
mummy daddy me

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  1. Your pictures are wonderful. You have three beautiful children! It's lovely that your girls are so close in age too so they can share these changes. LP goes to nursery 5 mornings a week and will be going five full days when she starts school in September, such huge changes for our little people! Thanks for linking up 🙂 x

  2. Lina Loves says:

    Ah how sweet that they have such a close bond! My girls just fight and argue in the car!! It is very odd when they start going to school and the house seems very quiet – you quickly get used to it though!

  3. Aaah, your girls are close in age like my two (F is 3.11 and S is 2.8). It's Sasha's first afternoon at preschool today (eek!) where she'll join her big brother- such a big moment! Re your morning preschool run I think anyone who manages to get more than two children ready and out of the door relatively on time and in one piece is a hero- I struggle with just two! #ordinarymoments

  4. Suzanne W says:

    How lovely. Some very special moments recorded there, in pictures and words. I think it's those special memories (like the swans) that make family life. And a blog is such an important place to record it all! x

  5. Such a lovely post Nat and the story about the swans is so cute. I also don't know how i am going to cope when Mads goes to school, I am absolutely dreading it! At least we can console each other. 😉 x

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