Siblings – January 2015

January seems to be going by in a whirlwind already doesn’t it?
My little three have been settling quite well after the festive period, better than I thought really. We did try to keep things normal for them, enjoying all the excitement but also helping them to wind down towards the end of the holidays as it was soon back to pre-school routine and work for Daddy.
January has welcomed a few more changes too, Yve’s stays until 3pm on Thursdays now & Halle is now joining her on Friday mornings. They get so excited about going in together, Whats also comforting is that their teachers have said that even though they check in on each other, they’re also very content playing apart doing their own things too. This is a lovely thing as they must feel very secure in their setting to do this I guess, especially as Halle is only 2 and a half. She has merged in beautifully though, so chuffed to have her own peg next to big sister & a yellow tray with her name on.
Most afternoons the girls like to do something crafty, or baking or anything playful really. we chill out with a dvd and hot chocolates. But the other afternoon they requested some play dough, luckily I still had a stock of the rainbow play dough I made for Yve’s 4th birthday party favours.
The girls do have their moments though, the moments where they want the same thing, Yve’s will try to negotiate but Halle is a little more ‘to the point’ and will just say no, and has adopted this awful shriek lately, they have moments where they wind each other up something chronic, say the “im not your best friend then” then immediately make up with hugs & kisses. As much as we like to let them vent their emotions, we also have a rule of kindness in our home, something we hope lives on in them all.
I usually love to take them all out and get some lovely shots with a natural background, but i’ve been so busy recently and tired as well due to Phoenix’s sleep being disrupted from teething. In actual fact a lot of my most treasured photographs are from our simple little moments in our ‘home sweet home’.  When the sun rises, we have the most beautiful light shining through the kitchen into the living room, with the recent weather, the lighting has been a bit poor (hence the high ISO and grain for you photo geeks like me) but you know what, I love them even more, raw, honest images of my siblings.
Watching their bond blossom day by day, wherever we may be.



Recently you’ll see this little chap being ferried about by his big sisters. they’re ‘helping’ him out apparently, or gentle removing him away from the perfectly set up princess castle they’ve spent ages on.
Before I had more than one child, I was always told of how ‘a new baby brings a lot of rivalry’ – I have never experienced this, especially with the way the girls dote on their baby brother. The girls have their moments here and there nowadays, but thats all learning, and small differences in ages/abilities. When Halle was born, I was so worried that my Yvie-Mae would feel pushed aside (especially of the life situation we were experiencing at the time..) but she loved her the minute she set her eyes on her, she has always been ‘mother-hen to her ‘Hal Belle’ and seeks the ability to please people, she doesn’t like to make people feel upset, and on the odd occasion that she does – she instantly switches back to regain the peace. Halle has always loved her big sister, her little side kick, two peas in a pod. They often get mistaken for non-identical twins as she isn’t that far off Yve’s in height, and they just seem on the same ‘wave length’. The conversations they have are completely hilarious, charming and lovely all into one, I love to listen some times when they don’t realise i’m there – completely heartstring tug material.
and so, this is the same how they are with Phoenix. They nurture him, show him off to everyone, and just love to make him laugh. He is a very lucky boy to have such caring, loving and protective big sisters.
did I say lucky?… kidding, his eyes blurred here but he was just giggling then looking at me for help as they tend to not want to let go (in a playful way of course) *Halle, cough cough* 😉
Afternoon rituals
Playtime in the afternoons can look like this, or sometimes the girls set up camp somewhere so Phoenix can’t reach the ‘small figures’ so he doesn’t choke, bless.
He has almost mastered the ‘sofa mountain climb’, once he does I bet he’ll be snuggling in right in the middle! and yes, that is my shockingly messy workspace in the background (hangs head in shame).
I snapped this the other morning, he was sleepy but these girls showered him with lots of kisses anyway.
I’m so happy to be taking part in a fresh new year of the ‘Siblings project’. I love the community that comes with blogging & how you can talk, get to know other people who share the love of documenting life from all angles. fancy linking up?


dear beautiful
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  1. So gorgeous Nat, I love the one of them holding Phoenix, they look so cute together. Such a lovely happy little trio. x

  2. Donna says:

    They are all so cute together! Love the photo of the girls with their frozen dolls! x

  3. adorable! they all seem like the best of friends x

  4. Oh my goodness… sooo many gorgeous sibling moments captured here Natalie. Just beautiful. It's so clear how much they all love each other in these photos. So glad to have you joining in with us for 2015. Thanks so much for linking up with Siblings. x

  5. There are so many beautiful pictures here, I absolutely love them holding little man. Phoenix looks in his element. Gorgeous pals and their little friend will soon be up to mischief with them too #siblings

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