‘Children see magic, because they look for it’.

I love opportunities when I can sit down with the little ones and just play.

A lot of the time I think “Great, maybe I can sneak in a little blogging, they’re happy playing in their own little world” – until they ask and then i’ll join in. Some days I find myself so busy seeing to everything else, that I forget to just stop, & join them in their magical little bubble, even for a short while. I set up an activity or craft for the girls most afternoons, or sometimes we chill out with a dvd, the moments when I really should just stop, switch off & be more in tune instead of giving in to distractions. I’m also in the process of turning off the bulk of notifications on my phone as I’ve felt that they cause me to be more stressed out & distracted throughout the day.

I know children love to play alone, thrive even, but I don’t want to keep feeling like i’m missing out on these little moments. Special bonding time, time to reconnect and really get to know more about my little treasures. Time that I wont be getting back, or them.

This isn’t to say I ignore them by any means, they’re usually very content in playing together most of the time, and will continue to do so, I personally just want to play more at times instead of feeling like everyday tasks & ‘to-do’ lists are more important. This year I’m trying to hard to better my organisation skills, life balance to work for our family, I need to take into account of everyones needs, including my own without feeling guilty – but with a better balance (more on this soon!), instead of feeling like i’m rushing against the clock for unimportant things and missing out on life. I use to play so much when Yve’s was a baby, and even Halle really, but since pre-school became an element of our lives, and we had little Phoenix, (three little ones under 3.5 at the time!) it can be quite the juggling act, I guess it’s just about change, adapting and evolving into the different age developments, at the moment where Phoenix hasn’t been sleeping well, I am trying to get him to have his day time naps so this gives me reassurance that he is resting, it gives me a breather & also when we’re more into a little cycle – more time to play with my girls. Just learning to suit everyones ever changing needs, something that will forever be a learning curve in parenting.

The other morning Halle wanted to play with playdough while Yve’s was at preschool and Phoenix was taking his morning nap, I have had so many things going on linked to my computer this week that my original thought was to try and fix things, get up to date on my blogging, and clear up my desk. When in actual fact, my instincts were telling me to just play with her, and connect. So this is what we did, I left the other ‘tasks’ and took a little trip to Halle’s magical land where our Peppa pigs, Farm animals and Moshi monsters took a flying ride on an elephant, The sheep ate some grass and Anna & Elsa did some brilliant High-fives.

I love to join them in their magical world, anything is possible, being love one another, you have happily ever afters, the struggles which are overcome by eating lots of cake and ice cream, I love to see the reaction on their faces when they are in such a whimsical zone, they literally visit a whole other world to this one, maybe we should all visit from time to time and most definitely think from a child’s perspective, that is – anything can be possible.


Lashes & earmuffs
My blonde bombshell
Concentrating some more
The light was gorgeous 
Smurf lady Trixy making an appearance
Elsa & Anna ‘high fives’ & An outtake for good measure!
I love these special kind of ordinary moments, with my special little people.
Linking up with Katie from Mummy Daddy Me.

I found this wonderful quote the other day, couldn’t be more appropriate. ‘Children see magic, because they look for it’ – Christopher Moore
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  1. Emma Martin says:

    Gorgeous photos! Her little face is such a picture. You can tell she is so delighted to have Mummy's full attention. Sometimes I forget that these simple moments are the most treasured for my 3 as well. You have inspired me to spend a little time just playing with them today!xx

  2. Donna says:

    Her earmuffs are so cute!! I completely get this post. I often find myself replying to emails and things through the day but if the children ask, I play or if we've been watching a movie or TV I'll switch it off and find something to play with instead x

  3. Carie says:

    How funny, we've both got the same variety of three little ones at very similar ages and I too have been thinking about the moments when you let the rest of the world sit and wait and just play – this time with my littlest one and a play silk. I'm going to go with great minds think alike – and you look like you had a wonderful time playing Peppa and friends!

  4. So cute, I can definitely be guilty of this too (I'm sure all mums are) so it definitely is lovely to take a minute and dive into their world while they play!! Gorgeous photos xx

  5. I'm the opposite way around, Lil G being an only child loves to play alone so sometimes I have to force myself into his little world. I love that he has the ability to play alone but like you there is nothing more amazing than getting down on the floor and joining in with their little world. It's just lovely. Reading your blog for the first time and so glad I did. The pictures are lovely, and the lighting too. Rather magical x

  6. Gorgeous Nat and I completely agree with everything you have said as always (we are so similar I think!) I am guilty of doing this and I also am switching off and trying to be involved more- I don't want to look back and regret it. Such beautiful photos as always, I think your photography is so stunning. x

  7. I really love that quote, thank you for sharing! I can definitely relate to everything you have written in this post. To be honest I think most mums would agree with you and are guilty to some extent of being distracted by things that can wait or really don't matter. Great post x

  8. Ahh so lovely. So true too children do see magic because they are looking for it. Love the quote. Your photos are adorable. Glad you had such a great creative time together. Those ordinary moments are the very best. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  9. Ahh so lovely. So true too children do see magic because they are looking for it. Love the quote. Your photos are adorable. Glad you had such a great creative time together. Those ordinary moments are the very best. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  10. Aw this is so lovely. I always spend so much time faffing about around the house and working around what my little one is doing. You've captured a lovely moment in your photos. Amelia x

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