{Ordinary Moments 2015} 4/52 – Bedtime Routines

Bedtime routines are funny little things really. They can be the part of the day that you look forward to most for more reasons that one. The fun bath times and giggles, the story time snuggles under the duvet keeping each other warm, the ‘good nights’ and ‘i love you’s’, your little ones expressing how much they have had a good day & how they’re looking forward to having sweet dreams, that they are already planning what they want for breakfast in the morning. The baby will feed and go calmly off to sleep after a nice nursing session, You have a comfort in knowing your little ones have blissfully travelled off to Dozeyland without a care in the world – or any disturbances. Mummy & Daddy will then go and relax down stairs, maybe watch a movie together or both chill out with – me blogging & Daddy watching football or a movie while talking about our day.

That leads me to the flip side of things.

Sometimes though, your bedtime routine resembles  a complete disaster. A flood in the bathroom from the children being very overtired/hyperactive making ‘big waves’, the bedtime stories and snuggles get postponed for the evening due to squabbling over which book to read first, or who sits where, who’s stealing the most duvet. The not having enough time to get the sweet ‘I love yous’ in for each other as maybe one, two or all your children are refusing to go to sleep as they just ‘can’t feel sleepy’. Instead of planning their breakfast the next morning, they will sometimes tell you that you’ve not made them happy because you’ve told them it’s not playtime, that it’s bedtime. You might feel slightly heartbroken when they yell that they might not be your ‘best friend’ in the morning. Instead of taking the best trip to the land of nod peacefully, they decide they want to be fussy and just keep talking, whining, or just really not going to sleep happily. Or the teething baby (poor mite) that’s not had good naps that day, decides he wants to also resist bed time, he wants to sit only with you, or have a gentle rock, these extra snuggles are usually one of the best factors, but sometimes when by this point you feel very very tired from trying to settle two little bedtime protesters in the other room – you feel exhausted.
This then leads to a very tired Mummy & Daddy, being snappy, everyone being very moody & up tight – and just not an enjoyable way to end the evening at all. We always make the point of saying ‘I love yous’ even if we haven’t said to them to each other lovingly before sleep time, if its all been a bit hectic and they’ve fallen asleep before we’ve come back after seeing to Phoenix, we whisper softly in their ears, gentle kisses and tuck them in safe & sound. It’s something that I will forever do. 
Mummy & Daddy then head downstairs to tidy up all the toys that we didn’t have time to do before bedtime, we will clear up after the tornado that was dinner time – feeding time at the zoo some days…. We will then collapse on the sofa knowing that we wanted to watch a movie together, or me do my blogging, read, or my postnatal exercise dvd, Mr doing his exercises but in reality we are just too tired to even think or even talk.
Then theres the guilt of feeling like you’ve failed them for not staying patient. Wondering if you’ve met their needs as a whole and individually that day. Getting the balance of it all can be tough, especially with three little ones. I got so upset the other night just because we were experiencing the second scenario from this post, I felt guilty for being snappy, impatient, and moody mummy. The past few months have seen lots of broken sleep every night, mostly due to little fella teething and wanting to feed every two hours or just wanting lots of endless snuggles. Like I said before – I love these moments, but we’re all human and we all get run down, the tiredness takes over some times. Not wanting this to but a negative spell over my little blog, I just want to document it all, even these tough times – the honesty of our life. And if anyone reading has been feeling this at any time, you know you’re not alone. 
So lets embrace the good & the not so good. After all, we definitely appreciate the amazing times so much more once we know we’ve overcome some tough times. When I look back to those tough evenings, feelings of doubt. I just look at my little three and their Daddy & know that I am completely content & so fortunate to have this life. I make sure that I then hug more, stress less, block out all negativity and embrace it all. 
The ordinary elements that shape us as a whole. 
Getting back to the positives, we are going to be having so many changes coming up over the next few weeks & months. My baby Phoenix turns one (sob!), Mr turns the big 30, valentines is always eventful (ha), I have a little project I have been working on, we will be moving to our new house, I will be documenting here, and updating very soon!

I found this beautiful quote that really got me thinking.

“Do not ask your children
to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable,
but it is the way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder
and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show them the joy of tasting
tomatoes, apples and pears.
Show them how to cry
when pets and people die.
Show them the infinite pleasure
in the touch of a hand.
And make the ordinary come alive for them.
The extraordinary will take care of itself.”
– William Martin.

This is us today after a rough night, these cuddles from my little ones make it all worth while
{Iphone pic}

mummy daddy me
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6 Discussion to this post

  1. This is a beautiful post and what a stunning picture. I can really relate to this. X x

  2. I will never EVER understand why babies and children do not understand how AMAZING sleeping is. If somebody said to me I could get up whenever I want, go to bed whenever I want AND have a nap during the day, well, that would be the greatest news I had ever recieved! xx


  3. Donna says:

    Oh I know too well those diaster bedtimes. Both our children needed rocking to sleep until they were 15 months and then getting them to self settle was an absolute nightmare. But, touch wood, unless Little Man is teething they now both go to sleep by themselves and without too much fuss regularly x

  4. That photo is absolutely stunning Nat- I love it in black and white. I totally agree with this, bedtimes can go either way here, but luckily for the most part they seem to go quite well. xx

  5. Carie says:

    Oh isn't that so true – and it's always when your most tired or have most things to do of an evening that bedtime becomes the biggest challenge!

  6. This is a beautiful post, I especially love this quote. So important to show them the real and simple things in life. Sounds like bedtime is a very normal time in your home #ordinarymoments

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