Living Arrows 2015 – 4/52

This weekend we spent Saturday afternoon with my sister, ‘Auntie Pop’. We popped to my Dads, then headed to watch the Mr play football but have way more fun at the park onthe other side of the pitch. This is one of our local parks and it’s so peaceful. I love the giggles we shared, the sisterly conversations Poppi & I had, these images I now have to add to our memories. I love watching my children play happily in the park, the simplicity of swinging contentedly, running free, or simply watching the cloud float by gracefully in the bright blue sky. 
I love bonding time with my family members. 
I can see so much of me in her sometimes, not necessarily how I look now, but how I did as a little girl. And also her personality, her witty sense of humour. 


She’s a wild spirit this one

My little Halle, growing so fast.

I had to include this, his face looks so funny where his hat has scrunched it all up.

Sharing a funny moment

Swinging away

“Keep your scarf on please, it’s chilly!”

Blue eyes.

How is my Yve’s looking so grown up already?

Sharing a funny conversation with Auntie Poppi


Staring deeply at his big sisters
This last image I love as I want my little ones to remember me getting in & enjoying the moment too, and not just being ‘Mummy who’s stuck behind the lens’ no matter how self conscious I may feel the majority of the time. Us mothers need this too. 
Yes that is a sick stain on my arm from Phoenix a few hours earlier – Keeping it real.
A little phone snap of Phoenix (and me!) enjoying the zipwire! 
Here’s my favourite images from this week’s ‘Living Arrows’. Hosted by Hayley at Shutterflies.
Living Arrows
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5 Discussion to this post

  1. pixiedusk says:

    Aww you have the most lovely photos! The moment captured is just priceless.

    I love the photo from One Tiny Leap as well. A lovely shot =) #livingarrows

  2. Looks like a really fun afternoon, the photos are beautiful and captures their enjoyment of it! I would never have noticed the sick mark if you hadn't mentioned it, I was too busy looking at your boy's beautiful smile and your adoring mama face.

  3. Vickie Rich says:

    Oh what beautiful photos! Your little boy has the most amazingly expressive face and your daughter is such a cutie. I love that you're making a concerted effort to be in the photos with them; it's something I really need to work on myself.


  4. Carie says:

    Oh these are beautiful pictures, and the baby sick is an accessory (at least that's what I'm telling myself) – it sounds like the most perfectly ordinary sort of lovely afternoon and it's great that you're in the pictures too – I'm terrible at remembering to hand the camera off to someone else, I'm sure if it wasn't for Me and Mine pictures I'd barely make an appearance!

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