{Family Days 2015} – Bowling

Nearly a couple of weeks ago now our little boy turned one. His actual birthday we didn’t do much, as Yve’s still had preschool, we attended playgroup went home to relax before picking her up again to come home and open a couple of presents as she was itching to help her little brother celebrate as was Halle. We also had a lot of family visitors around and Daddy returned home from work at the usual time so it was all a bit rushed & a ‘normal’ day for us really. We of course made sure we sang a happy birthday to our little  chap & made him feel all excited but we wanted to make sure that we spent time just us five, focusing on ‘us time’ and also celebrating the fact that our little boy is now one, (Sob).
I couldn’t help but feel extremely guilty (I also shed a few tears) over the fact that I hadn’t arranged a proper first birthday like I did with both the girls. I think the time of year is difficult as the weather is mostly dreary, It would probably only be family members as he hasn’t made any ‘proper friends’ yet like Yve’s did as My friends had babies at the same time, then Halle befriended them, so it’s a bit different this time around. I wanted to do a tea party back at ours on Sunday but we had another family event planned too so January has been such a hectic month. 
So yesterday, we went bowling for the first time as a family in our home town (the only other times we’ve been were at holiday camps!) It was lovely to see the girls all excited, but it was also a bit confusing for them I think as they automatically thought we were back on holiday. Yve’s was a little upset that we had a limited time slot and had to go home once the game had finished, but we let them have a go in the arcade quick before just doing that. It was a nice evening, even though we had some tears due to Yve’s dropping one on her foot! She was determined to get the bright shiny orange one everytime even though I tried to explain that it happened to be the biggest one there with XXL printed on it! She was brave and luckily no broken foot!
Halle was just in her element, loving the slushy drinks and waiting for ‘uptown funk’ to come on the music system, Phoenix was wanting to crawl, or cruise up the bowling lanes, he did enjoy a supervised bowl with Daddy though! 
Little outings like these are very ordinary and ever so eventful in more ways than one, especially with three little ones under the age of 4 and a half 😉 lovely evening nonetheless.
The lighting was so poor and dark, so these are the only shots that came out ok!
Lets get started!

Daddy will help you

I will pretend that I won…. 🙂

Same expressions


Sad that she dropped a bowling pin on her foot!

Bonkers girl

Changed his mind on the slushies he kept attacking!

Phoenix’s turn

Getting there

Helping hand

Safe place


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  1. OH we are huge bowling fans. I love that your little gorgeous family went bowling together. What a great idea. I love it and all your happy amazing photos too! Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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