Loving the little things 2015 – 6/52

Well hello February, where did you pop up from?

This week has been a tricky one, Phoenix is cutting more teeth so we’ve seen disturbed sleep, Halle has been sick in the night, Yve’s has been fine luckily, but it’s all been a bit hectic as it’s also Mr’s 30th birthday on Saturday which I still have things to get done for! we’re off for a ‘date night’ tomorrow to celebrate a little early whilst my Dad watches the kids. I’ve also booked a 5* afternoon tea for us in London in a few weeks time so I’m excited to reveal all, seems like a non-manly present but its the spending time together we look forward to, I can’t wait to surprise him!


Loved reading this.
Childhood should be about embracing the fun, playing until your hearts content, not having your imagination stumped by limitations. Changes in this modern world seem to be squashing the real meaning of having an amazing childhood. The need to grow up too soon, and for what? Childhood is sacred, you never get it back, help your children to embrace the innocence of their youth, let them live in their magical little worlds for as long as possible.
So in years to come, when they look back, they will remember all the fun that they had!
Half way through this wonderful book & i’ve also started getting stuck into this…
I’m loving it so far! check it out! 


Snow falling, the kids loved it outside & Phoenix was amazed!


My converse & pj’s in the garden to get some snaps of the girls! trendy mum….


These lovely songs on this, it’s a bit of a long one, but I love listening to & watching back movies from our adventures, this was from Mudeford back in November, we love it here! 


Yummy pain au chocolat, these are seriously my guilty pleasure. 


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11 Discussion to this post

  1. Ahhh Beautiful Mess are amazing in everything they do. I have one of their books. This looks amazing and I will definitely have to look at that ecourse. Loving the pain de choco styling. Look scrumptious. Lovely round #litteloves

  2. Emma Kershaw says:

    Love Beautiful Mess! You can't go wrong in Converse lol even in the snow xx #littleloves

  3. I love Beautiful Mess, they are amazing and follow there blog like a hawk! Snow looks amazing! We had a flutter!

  4. Mel@mydaysni says:

    You make pain de chocolat! From scratch? You clever lady! I keep seeing Beautiful Mess e-course's – they do look fab, but I just haven't got time! Totally agree with the childhood comments – they only get one. let's make it a good one for them! #littleloves

  5. Emma Martin says:

    Oh, your afternoon tea sounds so lovely! My Mr and I tend to have wee days like this for our birthdays too. As you say, it's the time spent together that's the nicest! Stay cosy this weekend, and I hope it's a bit less stressful for you! Xx

  6. Jo Nicholson says:

    I didn't know there was a Beautiful Mess book, looks great! Afternoon tea sounds so fab, I'm going with a friend of mine for a champagne afternoon tea at the end of March and I can't wait! Have a lovely week xx

  7. Louisa says:

    I love a Beautiful Mess, hadn't realised they did e-courses though. We had our first afternoon tea recently and it was fab, hubbie ate way more cakes than me. I hope you enjoy yours as much xx #littleloves

  8. Another Bun says:

    Very jealous of your pain au chocolat making abilities – eating them is about as far as I can manage!

  9. I love A Beautiful Mess, they are all kinds of awesomeness! An afternoon tea sounds lovely, spending time together is so important and like you say that's all that matters at the end of the day. That pain au chocolat looks amazing, can't believe you made it from scratch! Hope you have a lovely weekend xxx #LittleLoves
    Love From Mummy – UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog

  10. Oooo, keen to hear more about that ecourse! That books looks truly fab though…not judging it by the cover at all!! Have a great weekend x

  11. What a beautiful post! Very impressed with your pain au chocolat, they look super yummy.
    Hope you have a wonderful week xx

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