Happy 30th birthday to my one true love.

Happy 30th birthday to my amazing soulmate.

This morning was a complete rush, you were due to leave the house at 8am ready to go paint balling with the lads, I had planned for the little ones to sing/clap for you whilst we brought up your birthday cake that we made for you yesterday. We thankfully managed to squeeze the moment in & I just loved the look of excitement on their faces, and the look of love & pride on yours.
This past week has seen 3/5 of us being hit by a 24 hour bug. This was the two little ones & the Mr, one night after each other, a lot of worry, tears, cuddles, and a mountain of washing. The two of us had plans last night for our first proper date night of the year so far, something we’ve been meaning to do for a while now. In fact the two times we’ve had ‘date days’ were last July for our 8 year anniversary, and at Christmas time when we did some shopping & had brunch – with baby boy in tow. We decided not to attend our meal booking as having a nice meal didn’t sit well with the need to have a head down the toilet! We’ve re-booked for next Friday & hopefully luck will be on our side! Taking time for us is what we need to do more. after all, we were us two before we came a tribe of five!

We’ve been through so much together these past 8 and a half years and I couldn’t feel any luckier to be the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’re the most caring, loving, courageous, strongest, funniest & most gorgeous person inside out. You were the one I knew I loved from the minute I saw you, you have made me so happy the past 8 and a half years, we’ve shared so many happy moments, sad moments and lots of experiences in between, we’ve been torn apart by certain events but we fought harder than any force as nothing can ever some between the power of the love we feel for one another.

You have taught me that nothing can hold you down, as long as you keep your head up, heart strong and just keep going – you’ll come out on top.

You’re the most amazing Daddy to our little three, they look up to you so much already and see you only as superhero Daddy who can fix, make or do anything to save the day. They’re so lucky to have such a loving, caring & devoted Daddy like you. Watching you share your birthday candle wishes with them today was a moment I will never forget, the man of my dreams and the three most amazing little people who we made together.

You are the better half of me, my soulmate, my one true love.

Happy 30th Birthday to the most amazing gentleman of my dreams.

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  1. Donna says:

    Such beautiful pictures. You and him look perfect together, so happy and in love x

  2. Ah, happy birthday Mr Jam Pot! Lovely words and gorgeous photos, especially the windmill one x

  3. What a beautiful post Nat- stunning photos too. x

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