A Valentines Eve ‘Date Night’

So, we may have gone for our first ‘date night’ in around four years last night! We had planned to go last Friday night for Mr’s 30th birthday, but he was struck down with the 24 hour bug that Halle had the night before, and Phoenix had the night before that – bad timing or what! but we decided to reschedule and here is how it went.

The kiddies were resisting bed time, I think even though they didn’t have a clue we were going out as my Dad was coming to babysit them while they were in bed – I think they sensed it. so we rang to say we were running late… I was stressed by this point, wondering if it was worth going as I just wanted it all to be perfect, go to normal plan but this doesn’t happen with kids, so you have to make do, get over hurdles and breathe! they all went to sleep so we left home, got to the location, parked up, ran down the road as it was absolutely chucking it down, turned up to our booked peal to Jacob’s Chophouse at around 45mins after the original booking – but the staff were so pleasant and understanding. We were then seated downstairs which was lovely as Mr said it had more of an intimate feel to it, we were next to the warmth of the kitchen too which was nice!

A child-free night 

Mr had the Cotswold cider, & I enjoyed a refreshing rose/lemonade spritzer.
I had the Oxford chipolatas & chophouse gravy to start
My Valentine had the fried whitebait with garlic mayo.
Now, for my main I wanted to try something different, take the plunge – but i’ve had this dish before and it never fails, really delicious. Free-range chicken breast, cauliflower cheese, chips & more lashings of chophouse gravy!
Mr had the cauliflower cheese, shared my chips and had the lovely lamb.
Once again, I wanted to try something different but this sticks out at me all the time… Sticky toffee pudding & clotted cream – I think about the lbs another time… lol
My lovely other-half had his ultimate favourite of the creme brulee.
A lovely cosy dinner wouldn’t be complete without a bit of blogger paparazzi right?
The obligatory couple photo by the posh mirror
Such a lovely night spent with my best friend

We had such a great time, just indulging in each others company, talking about every single topic, was able to hold hands without being interrupted by toddlers/babies. Dont get me wrong, we wouldn’t change being parents for the world, but we are really trying to make more time for each other, remembering that we are us as well as unconditional loving parents to our little three, we need to remember that we love each other unconditionally too, so if this is by having ‘date nights’ every now and again, or staying at home having dates – we are going to make more time for US. we definitely won’t wait another four years to spend time together!

We don’t really ‘do Valentines’ in the big lavish way to be honest, we get little tokens but we don’t want to limit our expressing our love to one day out of the year. We use to, but I think we’ve grown wise to all the cheap tat you can buy from the shops, how commercialised it has become. Nonetheless we love to have a gesture of our love on this day, but we make sure we do everyday anyhow so it’s no biggie. I did get some lovely red roses though and I got my soulmate a very lovely mug filled with 5 chocolates (one for each member of our family) but to be honest – I’ve been drinking out of that mug ever since! 😉

Happy Valentines Eve to the better half of me, my soulmate, my one true love. x

We are planning on booking into Jacob’s & field quirky deli/cafe for a brunch or lunch for our next date, can’t wait 🙂
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  1. Ahh what a lovely Valentine's day date. So cute. Love the photos. Looks like you all made the most of it and had a great time together. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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