Our little trio – February 2015

These little three are growing at the speed of light, and to be honest – it takes a lot of getting use to when you see your little babies growing day by day, developing so rapidly, but when you see a blossoming, wonderful little bond with one another – it kind of makes it worth while. Ever since each new ‘sibling’ has arrived in our lives, each little one has adapted so beautifully, welcomed the baby with open arms (and occasional friendly gestures with pokes to the eyes) but on the whole, they all have an immense amount of love to give, especially to each other, always.
You can already see how much little P looks up to his big sisters (mini-mothers). They dote on him just as much. they love to help him learn, maybe a little too much sometimes, he loves to follow them about trying to figure out their games, he also loves to get really stuck into their ‘home corner kitchen’ games and teddy bears picnics which is adorable – even if he is like a ‘bull in a china shop’ sometimes!
The girls love the fact that they are together at preschool each Friday morning, they get all excited, choose which toy they each want to take in to show off to their teachers, then when it’s time to pick them up, they both come skipping out, smiles on faces, eagerly waiting to give me the “best pictures in the weeeeeorld” out of their cute little trays, they recognise their little names on them and love to show me, we then collect coats, hats and scarves – and not forgetting the toys they took in! They run off together, still so chuffed to have spent the morning together having lots of fun, telling me about their time.
This September our first born baby girl is due to be starting school, something we’re still in conversation about as we’re not 100% decided on choices with school, and if we’re going to take up the offer of part time hours until January just so its easier to adjust, She will have so much fu and loves the idea, we’re just not entirely sure on the school choice, and also we feel that (not even) 5 is such a young age to officially start school, full time. She does one full day at preschool a week, but 5 whole days will be such a change, something we don’t under-estimate her for but maybe it’s just our self-doubts on ‘letting her go’ so to speak. But we’ve had advice off teachers, that part time hours may be available for the first term, who know’s, we’re definitely going to research into it more then decide soon. Plus we’re moving house soon so we have no idea what school choices will be available – all very confusing right now!
But… back to my point, I am going to miss this stage in our lives. The moments that I pick these up from pre-school as a twosome, hand in hand they have each other, and when Yve’s moves up, Halle will have to start a new chapter on her own. This will be lovely for her as she will learn to find her own path, but I just hope they don’t lose this incredible connection that they have always had for each other, and it grows stronger each day – regardless of bickering. I think they will continue to have this amazing bond, maybe its just only natural to wonder what the future holds? whether Yve’s will change once she does eventually start full time – it’s bizarre at it doesnt seem that long ago that my concerns were if they were still gaining weight well (well yeah, they were chunky babies!) or if I was feeding them the right foods, if I should have continued part/co-sleeping, the introduction to learning stages, and now schooling, these are the new wonders and worries of parenthood i guess?!
Most afternoons you’ll find these girls here, they love nothing more than to snuggle up on the sofa when they watch a dvd. these particular images are the typical snuggle option they choose if they say “Quick a scary bit (on The Gruffalo!) lets cuddle… oh it’s okay now”.
Some days they bicker so much, usually over the same toy, or who can do something better or Yve’s usually winds Halle up, then she loses her temper with her and it ends up with a little cat fight. Almost straight after though, they will make up and be “BFF’s again”.



Here’s some more iphone snaps


Hugs all round


A squash & a squeeze


The girls love witwoos


They love to pull pranks on me..


They become ‘mini mothers’, especially when someones poorly.


Its amazing how they can be so alike yet so different at the same time.


I love their little quirky styles, even if it involves baby boys bear hat!


Sisterly giggles make my heart sing.
dear beautiful
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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Ahh bless hunny what amazing photos of your little crew. I love them all. So happy and full of smiles for the camera. That's blissfully beautiful. #siblings

  2. Donna says:

    He is looking so big this month and the three of them together look so perfect, so complete. What a lovely bunch of littles! x

  3. Carie says:

    Aww these are all such lovely pictures – and a little glance forward to my world in a few months time when Pip gets on the move!! They are a gorgeous little trio and I'm sure that whatever you decide to do about school, their friendship will be as strong as ever 🙂

  4. Kelly Taylor says:

    Aww – so lovely. My fave photo is the black and white one at the door. You are a great photographer.

  5. Great post with beautiful photos. Our eldest daughter is a May baby and we too had the same anxieties about her starting school. Its a tough call for parents. I too felt that Amelie was too small being only just 4 . I am sure what ever you decide to do about the transition into school it will all pan out okay in the end. x

  6. Colette B says:

    What a gorgeous collection of photos! I love them all bundled up on the stairs, or sat on the steps together x

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