Loving the little things 2015 – 8/52

I’ve been reading about various different things this week. This includes websites/blogs with information on healing diastsis recti (tummy muscle separation) as I have a bad case of this from carrying my three babies close in age, not putting on weight else where other than a pumpkin shape bump all on front and them all being over 8lb, almost 9lb. I’ve been reading a lot of post about toddler emotions, well the word toddler seems a little off considering my Halle is 2 and a half, and hasn’t toddled for a while, just runs like a looney! The past few weeks have seen some testing days, not everyday or all day but at certain periods. I think a lot of it is frustration, She loves to be involved, and to be able to do the same kind of things as Yve’s but she doesn’t realise that she isn’t four yet. this can be tough for a 2 year old, and results in frustration anger, pinching and hair pulling at times, not to mention a screech. Once again, this isn’t all the time, just certain times which also can be triggered by hunger, tiredness, over-stimulation, or maybe lack of correct direct connection from us. I’ve written recently about balancing time between all three of our babies – it can be tough. all a learning curve but tough some days, like yesterday, it was draining. anything I did I felt wasn’t good enough. I wanted to spend the day at home, not doing much but relaxing, letting the kids play, maybe even entertain themselves for a little bit while i get things done – but no,they squabbled a lot, teased one another, baby boy has separation anxiety at times so I couldn’t leave his sight, and I ended up raising my voice a little too often (mum guilt) and also being in tears when Daddy returned home from work. I think the tears were a mixture of tiredness from broken nights sleep, and the fact that I felt I was letting everyone down by being snappy, not being miss smiley mummy, patient mummy who does fun things all day long. 
I’ve also still been reading snippets of ‘blog life’ by A beautiful Mess – when I get time! 

We took the little ones to the cinema on Sunday morning, the three of them were fine really, we watched penguins of Madagascar which they loved. Phoenix was good considering all he wanted to do was climb on the chairs or just stare at everyone behind – he also typically fell asleep on me 5 minutes before the end!


Finally got to wear my lovely camera bag on our ‘Date night’!
It was so lovely to unwind with my love. 
Also still loving wearing my faux fur coat from Miss Selfridge, and my shiny shoes are nearly worn out as i love to wear them so much! The pink/coral shirt was a £7 bargain from River Island, Jeans from h&m, and my necklace was a 50p thrift find!


Still loving this song, such a funky one!
Also hear Phoenix saying “birdy”, along with “mama”, “dada”, “yveeee”, “haaaallll”


home made red white chocolate valentines fudge. We then put some in these lovely little jars (jar obsession!) and gave them Daddy for Valentines!
Mr made the best pancakes, Toblerone for him, we shared lemon & sugar, then the kids & i had milkybar ones! yum! just a shame i didn’t photograph them properly!
Their Great-Nana Pat turns 81 on Sunday, so we spent some time doing watercolour paintings for her birthday cards! We love handmade 🙂


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11 Discussion to this post

  1. Jo Nicholson says:

    Lovely quote at the end and your fudge looks delicious (and the jars are beautiful!)
    Have a wonderful week xx

  2. Lovely quote. You can't beat faux fur! The fudge looks delicious x

  3. Louisa says:

    Your quote is just spot on. I love fudge and yours looks delicious. I can imagine scoffing the whole jar in one go!! Have a great weekend xx

  4. Ooh, I'm away to read the link about healing tummy muscle separation. I have this quite badly from my two pregnancies and have really been struggling with repairing it, so I feel your pain. The fudge you made looks so yummy and the jars are adorable. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Donna says:

    You fudge looks amazing and the kids look engrossed in the movie! We love weekend morning cinema. Have a lovely weekend x

  6. Mmm those pancakes and fudge do look very nice, lovely cards too I bet Great-Nana Pat will love them!
    Love your camera bag!

  7. Another Bun says:

    Beautiful quote at the end there. We are on a mission to make o pancakes today – no milkyway ones unfortunately though! I thought I washable taking one child to the cinema, let alone three, well done you!!

  8. Another Bun says:

    'I thought I washable' ??? I mean, I thought I was brave!!

  9. Emma Martin says:

    I have that camera bag too! 🙂 It's definitely a bloggy thing I think! Your fudge looks gorgeous lovely – lucky daddy! And the pancakes too. I really want a Milky Bar one now! 🙂 Have a great weekend xx

  10. I think that camera bag as become the blogger's it bag! I know so many (including myself) that have it. So lovely isn't it. Although my daughter has stolen mine now. lol Fudge looks amazing. Lovely #littleloves

  11. Love this post! Like Jenny said, that camera bag has totally become an it bag for bloggers – so cute.
    My girls and I love dancing around to that Catfish and the Bottlemen track, great choice. Hope you're having a good week so far xx

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