Happy 81st Birthday to my Nan

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to my amazing Nan
Happy 81st birthday
to you

We woke up this morning, knowing we were waiting on the face time call from you & Dad. When speaking to you, I had a sense of warmth from you, you’re glowing, radiant even. Your new life away from the busy city & living by the sea shows the benefits in your health, your happiness. You seem so sprightly, positive, and you’re a warrior to me. In my eyes, you are a spectacular role model, whether you realise this or not, i don’t know, but I would love for you to see what I see in you. 
When I was smaller, growing up, you were the main female role model in my life. You taught me all about your way of childhood, how things were, and how different they were to my own child days. I love to hear about your life stories, pick your brain for knowledge, and just learn more & more of your pearls of wisdom. 
I love to watch as yours and Dad mother-son relationship still grows each day, You have such a funny way to chitter chatter to one another, the banter, the jokes. but also, jokes aside I love to sit and watch how you interact with one another, all the life history you two have is amazing to me. I just love to sock it all up, into my little world and store these moments. 
I love how my little three adore you. They talk about you oh so much even when you’re around or to be seen on Face time. They love to associate all things ‘sea life’ to where you live, when they can next visit you, when they can next go to ‘Nanny-Pat’s park’. I can see that they see you, how i’ve always seen you, My dear Nan, who never ceases to amaze me. 
I hope you have a wonderful birthday Nan, 
Love Always.
Natalie (& the little trio) xxx

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  1. So lovely Nat! Happy Birthday to your Nan! 🙂

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