{Ordinary Moments 2015} – 8/52 – Half term

This past week, half term week we have had such a lovely time. Don’t get me wrong, I have had stressful moments too (more on that later) but on the whole, we’ve had a lovely week.
We’ve spent time at soft play with friends, a cinema trip which didn’t turn out in disaster with three little ones under 4.5yrs. (its the second time we’ve been, but the last time, Halle was smaller & I was expecting Phoenix!). We watched Penguins of Madagascar and the kids loved it, even though they started to get a bit fidgety towards the end, and Phoenix fell asleep 5 minutes before the movie finished – typical!
We’ve had lots of days at home, trips to Grampy to watch Mr Bean or ‘booboo & yogi bear’ at the girls request, we had a lovely family meal yesterday (which there are no photos from really or film, as we just wanted to switch off & enjoy our evening out which was so relaxed, and the food was yummy – bonus!)
So our days at home have included lots of playing, painting cards for birthdays, sorting out ready for our house move, conversations at the breakfast bar, mountains of washing, a trip to a fun morning at the girls preschool where they made superhero capes (well we did these when we got home as Mummy stupidly forgot the materials in the car!). This day Yve’s also had a special surprise. They had colouring in competitions, and she won! she was so proud of herself, shocked and just happy! she won a lovely little prize that she was oogling – a sofia the first noisy wand! (at first I wished she didn’t get the prize as it meant more ammunition for the girls to fight over – flashing, glittery, rainbow, a wand – enough said.
on the way home, my girl said “I know why they chose me Mummy, it’s because I did the Princesses hair all rainbow colours instead of boring normal”. such a sweetie.
We’ve had trips to the park, should’ve had more really but the ones we did were nice, fresh air does wonders for us all I think, especially kids with ‘cabin fever’.
We’ve had lots of silly dancing, singing and just being kids really – including me. at times when i’ve felt like screaming with frustration, I suggested that we burst into song & dance to release ourselves – no matter how silly it sounds. giggles are the best medicine for a bad mood, and being silly. Not to forget the ‘Uptown Funk’ routine by Halle – enough to put a smile on anyone’s face!
On the particular day when it all felt a bit too much, and tears were included – we did just this. I was feeling so tired from rubbish broken sleep for the past two weeks really, more so than the past year! (teething isn’t fun!) I just had low patience, tried to do too much at once, people pleasing too much and forgetting my needs – the need to have a rest, cup of tea and not feel guilty for it. 
Anyone feel like this around your kids? especially stay at home mums?
I even felt a sense of guilt when we had our child-free ‘Valentines eve date night’ – the first in around four years!! it was lovely though, I just find it hard to switch off Mum mode, and still be Natalie… One day at a time!
Anyways, on the higher note of things, we’re feeling much better after a productive weekend, a lovely family roast this evening and just remembering the little moments in between. 
I also want to say a very happy 81st birthday to my wonderful Nan. 
Here’s a little movie of our week. 
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  1. Aah fab video! What do you film with? Glad you had a great half term. I can TOTALLY emphasise with being overwhelmed when you're together more often! Usually we all have 2.5 days away from each other per week, F&S at preschool and myself working from home. Come the holidays, I'm so looking forward to spending time together, yet after a few days I can be tearing my hair out, but then I feel guilty for not enjoying their company 24/7… so hard to realise that this is normal, and we can't be perfect parents all the time. Space is healthy (so I keep telling myself!) x

    • Thank you so much! this was all done with my DSLR. I use my phone or GoPro as well but mostly my big camera. I really need to learn that – space is needed, healthy and lovely all at the same time. I just need to remember not to feel guilty for it xx

  2. Aw it's lovely reading about your week- sounds like it's been super busy. We have tried to mix up our week a little but like you, we have had a bit of a time with teething- high fevers and sick. Hope teething hasn't been too bad in your house! I totally understand what you mean about the need to switch off and feeling guilty. I sort of work from home but I feel guilty if I sit down for half an hour because I don't go out to work. I feel the need to be on my feet all day doing something! Yay for nights out- hope you had a lovely evening! Amelia x

    • Teethings not so bad, some nights are worse than others, it's just a funny age too with separation anxiety bundled in, but hes so happy 90% of the time, just must be awfully painful with teeth coming, thankfully we don't remember ay! Nights out, whats that? 😉 xxx

  3. Ah I absolutely loved the video Nat- so so so so so so gorgeous and loved getting a sneaky peek into your week. The hot chocolates looked so yummy and P looked utterly adorable asleep in his cot. I loved this so much and your girls look like such a happy pair- such a lovely family. xx

  4. kid GL loves says:

    Grace says – What a great half term and I love the photos 🙂 #sharewithme

  5. Ahh what lovely photos and video!!! You shouldn't ever feel guilty darling you are doing amazing. Sounds like a great half term to me. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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