Living Arrows 2015 – 8/52

Last weekend, we had nothing planned, So we thought we would be brave and take a trip to the cinema with our little trio. The last time we did this was when Halle was a baby and we was expecting our third baby! It went well then, and so did it this time, we did have very fidgety times, climbing times from Phoenix but this was to be expected. He did manage to fall asleep five minutes before the then though – typical!
We thought this would be a lovely way to end the weekend, and start the week as it was now half term!

I have fond memories of when my Dad use to take me & my brother to the cinema, we use to love it, picking out sweets, a drink, the anticipation waiting for the film to start and wishing the adverts away in a hurry. The first film I went to see was the Flintstones movie! loved it and have photos from then i’ll have to dig out too for my blast from the past series!

I hope our little tribe will remember these little cinema trips we do, as I think it’s a cool part of childhood, especially when you’re experiencing it together as a happy family.

 Daddy’s turn!
 Watching the world pass them by
Childhood memories
Whopper jump!
 Halle’s turn!

The fine art of cheekiness
Blonde Bombshell
Silly face from Yve’s

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20 Discussion to this post

  1. Such fab pictures, the jumping one is awesome x

  2. Vickie Rich says:

    I love all of these photos! From the spots, stripes and converse combo (so cool!) to the crossed eyes. They're brilliant! 🙂

  3. Emma T says:

    Love the jumping photos, and the walls and steps make great backdrops. Looks like the cinema was a successful trip. N went on his first visit this weekend, but going out with a friend and his family, so I didn't get to experience the first time – bit sad #livingarrows

  4. Gorgeous photos as always. Love the last one where she crosses her eyes.

  5. I was just looking at your photos earlier, love the jumping ones!! xx

  6. oana79 says:

    Beautiful girls, so very happy pictures!xx

  7. Such cute photos! We love going to the cinema as a family too – although it is getting trickier as the baby gets older now keeping him entertained!

  8. Haha love her silly little face and the girls matching tops! Looks like a great day all round! 🙂

  9. You are so brave, so glad it was a success for you all, don't think we're quite there yet. Spent £44 to go watch our eldest in a pantomime at half term and it was the biggest disaster. I left after 40 minutes thanks to a screaming toddler. Horrified. These photos are just brilliant too, great captures #livingarrows

  10. Your kids personalities really shows through in your photos. They are ace! x

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