Tommy & Lottie Fox tee review – Comfort clothing for babies

There once was a little boy.

He had amazing big blue eyes.
Loved to be on the move all the time
Climb on everything.
And even help out with laundry.

That little boy is Phoenix.

When dressing my beautiful baby boy Phoenix, I love to make sure he is always comfortable in whatever he is wearing. So when I was sent this funky ‘fox tee’ from Tommy & Lottie, I was more than grateful and happy to review here on my blog as my first product review! I love the simplicity of the tissue paper packaging with the lovely stickers that match the designs. When we received this, Phoenix was a little small so we waited until the t-shirt fitted him perfectly and he would get optimum wear out of it, and it’s safe to say that I love dressing him in this little number, it’s practical, universal & above all – comfortable. Comfort is the main thing when dressing your baby, even more important once they become very active like my Phoenix has been for a while now but more so in recent months.
The design is fresh, and unique, I am always on the look out for quirky, fun clothing for my little ones and i find it even more refreshing when these products are handmade here in the UK. Being a Mama trying to start her own business I 100% support others who are doing the same by offering a wonderful product, and something they clearly feel passionate about. I love the background of the fox, badger, and hedgehog designs too which is about preserving the ‘English heritage’. 
Furthermore, the production of these products are certified by the Oeko Tex® Standard 100. Please read the link to read more.
Like always when buying new clothing I like to wash them prior to being worn, especially as baby boy has sensitive skin at the moment – (something we’re trying to resolve by using 100% cotton clothing, and organically sourced body products.) I always feel a little reluctant at this point as some products i’ve bought recently for the girls from a brand that will remain unnamed but its a high street brand, the decal print on the t-shirt has come off after one wash. Very disappointing when you’ve spent money and loved the look of the product, and also something your little one was so excited about wearing over and over again. This wasn’t the case with this wonderful ‘Fox tee’, it was easy to wash and dry, without worry of ruining the great design.
To see the full range of these beautifully made t-shirts, please visit

Taken from the website: ‘Ethical and sustainable, this includes traceable vertical production meaning that the cotton is grown, produced, manufactured in one place and not all over the world. No harmful chemicals or dyes are used in any of the processes of production. Also ensuring that employees from local communities are given jobs so they can support their families and live a quality of life whilst being treated fairly within the work place.’

*We were kindly sent this ‘fox tee’ from Tommy & Lottie worth £20 for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts, words & opinions are my own.*
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  1. Kerry Dyer says:

    Soo cute! Love the tee 🙂 xx

  2. Donna says:

    He is so gorgeous and that tee is so cute – love the fox! x

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