{Ordinary Moments 2015} – 10/52 – A first girls night out in almost two years.

I must admit, this week I feel like my feet haven’t really touched the ground, I’ve hardly picked up my ‘big cam’ which i’m annoyed about, and haven’t blogged half the things I wanted to but I thought I’d share about my night last night…

So this weekend marked a birthday celebration for two of my friends who happened to be born on the same day. It was then arranged that we all go out for a girls night of giggling, boogying and a couple of drinks. Having been pregnant, breastfeeding a newborn, or still breastfeeding a baby I haven’t been out on a girls night out since my birthday in May 2013!

This isn’t an ordinary moment for me, but I’ve made a vow that I do need to remember to have time for myself aside from being a Mumma. My friends & I have said that we need to have more dinners out, just to get the chance to catch up, laugh, eat good food & have a casual drink – wether its alcoholic or not. Just to simple have an evening, once a month or every could of months really would do everyone the world of good. The same with my soulmate & I, we’re actually going on our first proper ‘date day’ next weekend for an afternoon tea in a plush hotel, It will be the first time all three little ones have been without us – me especially. I’m with my little three 24/7 so this will be tough, but its what we need as a couple. some time to just relax and remember we are important too! (They will be having lots of fun at Grannie’s house im sure!)
Back to our girls night out…
We headed into town, went to a couple of clubs, had a dance but to be honest – going out just isnt the same as what it use to be when I was younger, a teenager in fact – under age at the start (tut tut, and if my kiddies are reading this then no you are not using this against me…) but even when I was 18+, I use to have some of the best nights out I think i’ll ever have. It got me thinking, maybe it’s just the fact of growing up that you see and feel things differently? is it because i’m a Mum now and think differently and therefore think I shouldn’t be out raving, letting my hair down with friends? it’s just a crazy thought, the amount of drink I use to be able to consume and still get up for work at 6:30 having only got in an hour before – bonkers. In the odd event like last night that I go out, I now have to think like a rational adult, a parent, in that I know I have a baby who will wake me up when I get in, and have two more to be waking me up and wanting me to be normal Mummy bright & early in the morning. The girls have only ever had one sleepover at Grannies, so as they get bigger we may have the chance to get a lie in, but until then, i’m happy. because no matter how much fun i’m having out, I just can’t wait to get home to my little family at the end of the night, to kiss my kiddies sweet cheeks and cuddle up to my lovely Mr. Soppy i know. 

Do you feel different about going out since becoming a parent?
A toast to us women!
This dress makes me look like i’m three months pregnant but hey!

I had a giggle at this, Zoe’s hand placement lol
Extremely normal….
Blurred but one of my lovely besties.
Another blurred but my other lovely bestie 🙂
heres a few from the photographer in one of the clubs..

I even beat my last record (2 years ago) of being home at 11:45pm. I got in a hour hour later this time! not drunk, but relaxed. Thankfully, my brother very kindly picked me and one of my friends up and got us home, saves us getting in a taxi which we wasn’t keen on, both of us are still breastfeeding so it made sense to get home to rest before having to feed when it was necessary! Little baby boy woke up as soon as I got in (the boy has magical powers!) but went back to sleep without feeding. so by the time he did feed, the small amount of alcohol intake would’ve left – lucky enough! Daddy offered a little other milk to him while I was out but he wasn’t interested – he takes it when it suits him, in small doses! and even more thankful to my Mr who let me have a lay in until 9am, then I was greeted with a morning cup of tea and a pink sprinkle donut – quality. 
Egg soldiers for lunch, then a huge roast dinner in the afternoon – it’s been a good weekend!
Here’s a picture of my beautiful girls this afternoon wearing their bargain £3 dresses 🙂
mummy daddy me
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  1. So glad you had a lovely time. Looks like great fun x

  2. Gorgeous. You all look lovely dressed up! It looks like it was a fun night but as usual I agree with everything you have said (total kindred spirits!) – sometimes the going home is the best part haha! xx

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