Loving the little things 2015 11/52

I’m still trying to make more time for reading. This week has been pretty full on with chicken pox making an appearance, preparation for our child-free ‘date day’ out for a champagne afternoon tea in a plush hotel in London tomorrow (eeeek i’m so excited yet so nervous as i’m never without my littles!) So I won’t post a photo, but i am still trying to read the previous things i’ve posted, but I have managed to read a few of my favourite blogs, and a couple of posts caught my eye but in particular it was this one from Morgana at But Why Mummy Why. I felt so emotional reading it along with a huge feeling of sympathy for Morgana for her loss. I have always been closer to my Dad than my Mum, the bond has always been hard to make for some reason. Mothers Day has always been a funny one, and I haven’t seen my Mum since a few weeks before Christmas as she’s made a decision to choose a path in life that doesn’t involve us. Not to go too deep, I do feel gutted as up until then we were actually bonding better than we ever have but thats that – It’s definitely fact that I am happy knowing I give my children my all. I am going to strive to be the best Mum to my littles and I will love them unconditionally forever & beyond – So this really hit home for be for bizarre reasons. Mothers day for me is a day where I feel a huge sense of gratitude for that I have the privilege of being their mum. 


More of this on Sunday – I just love it! Nothing else really considering we’ve both been falling asleep when the little ones have to try and catch up on broken sleep!


 This week i’ve found my comfy baggys at the back of the draw, love them so  but they suspiciously resemble Pyjamas, especially when worn on the food shop & going hand in hand with my bags under my eyes! Oh and the converse.. #WIN

This morning i’m wearing one of my *favourite* shirts – No, I promise I am not Cruella De’Ville.


Listened to this in the car yesterday – L.O.V.E both of these. amazing.
Then this came on after. Couldn’t have come on at a better time! I introduced the girls to a big love from my childhood! “Why do we like these Mummy?” me – Because they are all about “GIRL POWER” (Air grab and everything).. we’ve been talking a lot lately about being yourself, and even more so when rough housing with Daddy – it’s all about GIRL POWER!!! πŸ™‚


We’ve been trying to eat more of a variety, and not to snack on rubbish-y things. Dinners this week have included a Roast, steamed fish, veggies, turkey bolognese and (ice-cream..whoops)
Our week would not be complete without hot chocolates, marshmallows & cream! heres, the girls are in their “cafe”.
We’ve done watercolour painting. Here’s Yve’s flowers for Mothers Day & an octopus πŸ™‚
Okay, I obviously didn’t make these, but I made a wonderful charity shop purchase of these vintage cars. I thought the kids would love them, and will go perfectly with the model village my Dad is making them. plus, anything vintage – i love!


I’ve enjoyed getting back into doodling… Love is all you need right?

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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Thanks for the mention at the start lovely, sorry to read that your relationship with your mum is tough. You are right though we can only strive to be the best mum to our littles, at the end of the day that's what matters most.There is so much loveliness packed into this post, I always look forward to reading your littleloves and admire your eye for photography.
    You can't beat a bit of Spice Girls! xx

  2. Louisa says:

    I think we underestimate how difficult a time mothers day can be for many people who don't have their mothers around for whatever reason. It certainly makes us thankful for what we do have and the family we cherish.
    Your photos are lovely. I am envious of your vintage cars, they are so cool. x

  3. Those cars are amazing! I love them!! Call The Midwife was a tear jerker this weeks wasn't it? It had me grabbing at the tissues.. Great song choices and I love your comfy trousers! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. Alice says:

    Call the Midwife was pretty sad this week, poor Patsy πŸ™ I bet you are an awesome mum to your 3 lovely little ones, enjoy celebrating with them πŸ™‚ those cars are just so cute, the kind of thing my Granny would have had stored up in her playroom. Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Donna says:

    Those vintage cars are so cute and take me back to childhood. Love that photo of your girls, the light is beautiful. Loving Call the Midwife too – great TV and OBEM is back on! YAY! Have a great weekend lovely x

  6. Oh this is just all so lovely! The girls' cafe, the vintage trucks (that I am SO jealous of) and the watercolours. I hope you manage to get some sleep this weekend and that chicken pox makes a swift exit. Hope you had a lovely date day in London too. You so make me want to have girls! – we'll see πŸ˜‰ xx

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