{Ordinary Moments 2015} – 11/52 – Chicken pox, thoughts & togetherness at home.

2015 seems to be going by so rapidly so far. It seems as if we’ve been constantly on the go, with waiting on a moving date to our new home, a lot of family dates, we’ve had Halle joining Yve’s in preschool one morning a week (with the change of going two mornings a week this past week as she’s owed hours due to us going on holiday next week), along with everything else that family life gives you on a daily basis. 
The past week has a bit of a tiring one due to our biggest girl getting chicken pox. In all honesty, we’ve kind of had the idea that it would be soon due to their being a case at the nursery and about 36 hours before them popping out, she was complaining of feeling unwell, and didn’t want to go to nursery that morning – something she has never done before. Then driving back home, we were 2 minutes from home and then the sick started. bless her, I was driving and it just went everywhere, all over her, the car – everywhere. I held her hand, told her it was absolutely fine, only a little bit of sick that Mummy would clean up once home in less than one minute. We got in, I cleaned her all up and snuggled her on the sofa while I cleaned the car & carseat. Luckily Phoenix was napping so it was easily done. My girl then said to be. “You’re such a kind Mummy, Thanks for looking after me” – Thats what i’m here for my girl i replied. So.. here we have it, chickenpox. She’s coped so well bless her even though its been very irritable and she has swollen eyes with it too. She decided she wanted to choose some new knickers from the shop for being so brave, rainbow ones were first choice. My brave girl.
Halle’s been rolling solo at her two mornings of preschool this week, something i was nervous about as she’s use to having her big sister with her. They do their own thing when there but I think its the initial thought that she’s around that she likes. The teachers rested my worries when they said that she had been fine, having had a little wobble when I left – which I didn’t see but they said it lasted 1 minute of that and then she was off playing with gloop, messy porridge and even making the promised rainbow picture for her big sister to wish her better. 
We’ve been where we feel most content, at home – together. As much as we enjoy the days out, the adventures, we love having snuggles on the sofa, playing in our garden & being silly – together.
The Mr & I was in London yesterday, the first proper ‘date day’ for us since having children. So having one of them unwell, did make me reluctant to go. They ended up having a lovely day at Grannies as did we in London enjoying a signature afternoon tea in a 5*hotel. It felt very odd not having any of the little ones with me, as I always have at least two or definitely one of them at any given time. It was the first time Phoenix had been looked after by someone other than Mummy & Daddy, and where he is still breastfeeding I felt on edge leaving him, he had a great day though and I now feel a lot more relaxed knowing that for future reference and more upcoming ‘date days’. More on this soon.. 
So this week has been filled with ‘ordinary moments’, ups & downs with the added extras of new experiences. 
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  1. Emma says:

    Awww, there is so much going round at the moment isn't there. A couple of weeks ago 7 in my 4 year olds class had it.

    I'm glad you had a lovely date day though. xx

  2. I am glad you had a lovely date day in London- it sounded lovely. And I hope Yves is on the mend from chicken pox! x

  3. Donna says:

    It sounds like you had a lovely date day. We haven't had very many dates at all but are looking forward to having more as the kids get older.
    I am dreading chicken pox and hope your daughter's better soon. You have beautiful children, their eyes are wonderful in the photos x

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