Siblings – March 2015

My little trio seem to be growing so fast it’s really quite frightening. Our little sibling routine has been turned a little upside down this week as Yve’s has chicken pox. This meant that little Halle would go into nursery without her, she was a little skeptical at first but had a lovely time despite her best friend not being along side her. She was so excited with a huge grin spread across her face, she ran out and said “I’m a big girl now! and I made Yvie-Mae a picture to make her chicken pops go away, a rainbow picture!” – the best kind of medicine for a poorly girl. And it just made me realise that even though they like to do their own thing when in nursery together, but its just the thought of having each other nearby is something they love to know. To know each other are safe, well and happy.
There are those days or moments in days where they fight like cat & dog, mostly over the same love for the same toy but regardless, these two are a double act. Mother hen & firecracker as I call them. As the weather has been becoming milder, my little three have been enjoying some some playing outdoors, and it’s so lovely to sit back and watch, don’t get me wrong as I do love to get involved but sometimes all it takes to realise how they actually are with one another is to watch from a distance. Its adorable to watch as the girls are guiding Phoenix about the place a lot more, seeing that he is getting into everything they are, they like to get him involved in the play, and help him out if needed. We do still have those moments where the girls are trying to play and he crawls over like a cheeky lion cub bashing everything in sight – in a playful way but they may have just spent ages setting up a magical land for their figures. I’m still trying to work out the balance of letting them play together, encouraging the right amount of sharing, and also allowing them their personal space to be respected. tough one, something I am learning each day.
We have the moments when if you haven’t given someone the ‘miss sunshine’ plate, or if only one of them has a certain colour bowl, cup, fork – you’ll be in for a battle. So when we move, we’ve learned that their are going to be no more of this that disrupts breakfast, lunch, dinner times – we will all have the same! to save to hassle! because after all the stress, they end up wanting the other colour anyway 😉
When Phoenix goes for a nap, and the girls have their time to themselves, you will more than likely find them pretending to be in a cafe sipping delicious hot chocs, breastfeeding their babies, taking their little figurines on wondrous adventures in the garden or when having a relax, they will snuggle up so close on the sofa and watch a movie. (They do still have moments when they squabble over who’s sitting which side, who has the most blanket etc. – usually both easily resolved!)
Yves is at the age where she loves to learn, and shows a huge amount of pride when completing something she’s spent ages on, or she’s really into story time – always has been but she’s getting into a huge variety of books now. Halle is very similar, loves to concentrate on her drawing, colouring, and also stories, but she on the other hand doesn’t sit still unless very tired, or if the stories are very exciting without much challenging thought. Phoenix is just into everything messy, anything Mummy has just put away and cupboards! Anything the girls are doing, he wants to be there too. Bath time is always eventful as he thinks he’s a fish, sprawls out and takes over, They find it hilarious at how Phoenix has found his winky, and constantly giggles at it when in the bath, they love to wash his hair, splash water & just have fun laughing at one another.


Each month I feel like i’m saying the same thing, but I am just so very fortunate for my little three. Having them close in age can sometime be tiring but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The love they hold for one another is something so magical & I hope they nurture this bond and keep it close forever.
dear beautiful
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  1. I love looking at the photos of your girls Nat as they remind me so much of my own! xx

  2. Donna says:

    Your photos are gorgeous and your girls look so close. I envy your daughters having a sister each as part of me wishes LP could have that sisterly bond – something I never had x

  3. Oh these photos! Just perfect. I adore the one of them having a little seat in the window. x #Siblings

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