Living Arrows 2015 – 11/52

I say it a lot but we honestly love to be at home. 
The place where our hearts are most content.
The place we feel most safe.
The place we build so many memories.
The place where we rest our heads after busy days.
The place where we create.
Where we share laughter & silliness.
The place where we feel lots of different emotions.
The place we confide in one another.
This is soon to change when we move in a couple of weeks.
But wherever we will live, we will always make a house, our home.
Our home sweet home.
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Living Arrows
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25 Discussion to this post

  1. KARA says:

    Their little hands holding under the table, just gorgeous and even more so with the tiny toes xx

  2. Love your photos this week, the hand holding is especially adorable xx

  3. That first moment took my breath away and made me smile so much. Just a precious moment. You were my favourite this week! #livingarrows x

  4. Little Anna and Elsa holding hands is so cute and I love the last shot of their dad reading them a book, so precious.

  5. Such gorgeous pictures x

  6. Ahh their hand holding is just precious. What a great capture there and all these are beautiful. #livingarrows

  7. I absolutely loved that first picture Nat- just amazing. x

  8. Donna says:

    Such gorgeous photos. The top one is my favourite – the girls holding hands just tops it off. Perfect.
    We also love being at home, lazy days, playing or sorting things and baking. We just love time in our house x

  9. Mrs Shilts says:

    Oh I love the first photograph, what a precious snapshot of family life #LivingArrows

  10. Carie says:

    Oh I love your picture this week, that's just so sweet – and good to see we weren't the only parents to do Anna and Elsa dresses for Christmas!

  11. I really really love your photos, you capture everything in such an incredible way!!!

  12. Cathy says:

    Lovely pictures and really love the strength of the first image.

  13. That first picture is so wonderful, made my heart melt <3 And you're moving already? Wow, hope it all goes well on the move xx

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