{Ordinary Moments 2015} – 12/52 – Time together, you & me.

Time together, you & me. 
Since having our little ones It’s not that often that Mr B & I get to spend together just the two of us. And on the small number of occasions we have, it really is so nice to get to focus on one another uninterrupted. Don’t get me wrong – being a parent is by far the best things that’s happened to us, we live this parenting journey that we’re on, and over the past few years our little family has seen so many changes, we’ve grown to a family of five, we’ve faced and overcome some very difficult times together & and apart, we’ve relished in our family life, and out every fibre of our bodies and souls into our children. So much so that we have forgotten to nurture our  part in it all. The two of us started this whole thing yet we’ve been so busy, busy with our family life that we’ve not really had lots of time to give back to ourselves. Life situations got in the way, made things impossible to be together, then work life for Mr B got busy, and I have found it hard switching off “mummy mode”. 
So. We made ourselves a pact that from now on, we are going to make sure we get our time, along with having our wholesome family life. To have peaceful meals together, enjoy each other’s company, hold hands, cuddle, chatter and joke about complete nonsense. Because, it’s okay to accept that we need our time too. 
So last weekend, we had a booked date in advance. A day just the two of us in London for a lovely signature afternoon tea in a lovely hotel in Westminster. I’ll talk more about this in my dedicated post coming soon! (So many posts to publish but away on holiday!).
The best thing though was spending time together, with my best friend. Time is precious, and how you spend it is the main thing. We talked, laughed, hugged, held hands, had our first afternoon tea, took the Micky out of each other as we always do, acted like complete tourists near Buckingham palace too! Wallys! It was a much needed day where we could just be. Be together, enjoying one another – without distraction. It was our first ever full day without the kids, I felt lost, nervous but I think it’s a good thing that we’re starting to make ourselves priority along with being parents. A moment we want to become and ordinary one. 

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  1. Aw I love this Nat, and how amazing does that hot chocolate look? You have made me crave a day date with my Mister- they are so important and we don't do them nearly enough as we should. x

  2. Carie says:

    Oh wow that hot chocolate looks scummy – I have to admit I can't remember the last time H and I went out just the two of us but our time will come again! It sounds like you had a wonderful treat!

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