Living arrows 2015 – 12/52

We’re going to miss this garden when we move in a week or so. we’ve had so much fun together here, shared laughter, tears and made so many memories. it’s not a huge garden, but its been perfect for us, a little sun trap in which we have grown strawberries last summer, had paddling pools, Grampy built a lovely little sandpit for them, flowers blooming, a play shed, it’s been fab.
It was a dirt box when we moved in, thankfully my dad helped a lot and basically re-landscaped it for us, planted grass seed, flowers, little fences, and my brother fitted nice decking. Something we appreciated and it was made a lot more safer for the little ones as opposed to stones and broken slabs.
Having somewhere to play outside until your hearts content is a really lovely thing, not everyone gets the luxury of a garden, and we’ve been so thankful. Its a huge part of a childhood, exploring in the garden, digging for gold, finding worms, rolling around in the grass, swinging on the swing, sliding down the slide (or hiding under it for when Daddy gets in from work 😉 )
I hope the garden we move to will live up to the standard of our little happy garden that we’ve made here for the past 3 and a half years. 

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Living Arrows
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  1. I love it when they can finally get outdoors

  2. You're garden definitely looks lovely but you created this, and you will create it in the next house too!
    We have just started to get back outside again and I cannot wait until the summer!

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