Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015 – March

March has been a very hectic month for our family this year, we’ve been waiting in anticipation to hear of confirmation for our house move which has only been finalised last Thursday with a moving date of the 4th April, not much notice to pack up your life in one week, with the Mr at work in the day & three littles to entertain. My lovely Mr & I went on our very first date day since having children, a full day for just us two, it was so lovely but we couldn’t wait to get back towards the end to give them huge cuddles and kisses!
I have typed my posts from this, but still finishing our movie so they will be up soon along with a review of our afternoon tea! (Oh and the other posts that are hanging out in my drafts folder… time is of the essence and in my case – spare time is non-existent at the moment, so as i’m rushing typing this amongst the boxes i’m packing, the littles are scoffing a cake each that we’ve just made & I’m still in my pyjamas! I will get back on track! *i will!*
Then we’ve had all three littles get struck down with chicken pox, one after the other, each getting a worse case – Phoenix is on the mend now but still absolutely covered bless him. Yves was recovering when we went on holiday last week to Woolacombe, this was when the little two got it – great timing or what!
These photos were from the end of our holiday at Woolacombe beach car park. We had just had a delicious lunch (Mr having the crab salad, I o the other had opted for the very healthy – pancakes, bacon, egg & maple syrup!….. tut tut it was a must as i’ve always wanted to try the mix of flavours). Phoenix had a bit of mine & the girls got to choose and chose a gigantic cake each! So all fed & happy, they didn’t mind having some photos, and they found it very funny watching Mummy run back and fourth for the self time! The camera was balancing on a curb which i almost tripped over!
I love all our faces in these, Phoenix is watching the birds fly in the top one! I also love how the photos were captured on our first family holiday of 2015. I will be posting more of our holiday very soon! including a movie! 
We love visiting Devon, and hope to buy a house down by the sea, a little in the countryside one day. 
Hopefully the dream will become reality in the future, but for now – here’s to the big house move on Saturday – Wish us luck, and plenty of brain power!

Here’s our previous pictures this year:



dear beautiful

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  1. Sophie P says:

    These are great photos. So fun and normal..they are great!! 🙂 #meandmine x

  2. Yay good luck with the house move Nat- and love these photos, the car is a great backdrop and memory. x

  3. LittleOandme says:

    What fab photos.I love Devon and would love to have a little house by the sea one day! xx

  4. What lovely photos of the five of you and that breakfast looks divine!! I see your household was struck down the the dreaded pox too, its horrible isn't it! I hope they all coped ok x

  5. PS: I've added you to my 'blogs i love' in my sidebar as your blog is fab!!

  6. Carie says:

    Very very good luck for the house move! I love these pictures, you all look very happy (if a little chilly) and it did make me giggle because I've got a family photo of my whole extended family that was taken last summer about three metres to your left!! Woolacombe is a great place isn't it!

  7. Donna says:

    Such beautiful photos and it sounds like such a great month – busy! x

  8. Gemma Murphy says:

    See, I could never get away with using our car as a back-drop – it's always filthy! These photo's all look so natural, you all look so happy. Good luck with the house move xx #meandmine

  9. Awww I love your little family photo!
    Good luck with the move, moving is always such a hassle and time eater but it will be worth it in the end x

  10. Louise says:

    Beautiful photos – that last one looks like so much fun. Sorry to hear that all three of your littles have had chicken pox – hope they are all better soon. Glad you managed to have a date day and good luck with your move this weekend.

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