{Ordinary Moments 2015} – 14/52 – A new chapter

We’ve now said hello to a new chapter in our life. We’ve moved to our new house this weekend, it’s been bittersweet as we absolutely loved our previous home but the opportunity came up for a bigger place, better location and it was the next step that just happened at the right time I guess. We have had such a lovely easter weekend all together. The move went very smoothly and we had so much help which was wonderful, were truly grateful! Boy have we realised how much stuff we have & how much we need to declutter and simplify our lives and belongings. We’ve spent a lot of time just adjusting being here, the girls keep referring to it as “a lovely holiday home” as we all giggle we keep explaining that this is our home now, until we eventually make the big move to the coast in the future. Yves is absolutely made up as we have a fireplace and that she needs to send Father Christmas an early letter to let him know he doesn’t need our ‘magical key’ this year and that he came fly down our chimney and we’re not to forget to hang the stockings on the fireplace too! We’ve spent time in the garden together, phoenix has loved exploring, Halle’s loved riding her bike too. I’ll write more about our project ‘turning our house into our home sweet home’ as soon as we have home internet. We’ve had little moments where we’ve thought ‘oh what have we done’ just because the previous tenant really didn’t keep it tidy or clean so we’re literally starting from scratch. Yesterday we spent 4-5 hours scrubbing the windows and floors of the conservatory which is going to be the kids play room just so they have a space to play without being over powered by all the mess and boxes. Last night was actually quite comical too as We had family round for dinner to which we had to eat off paper plates, then I thought I’d reward myself with a relaxing bath, only to realise that I hadn’t prepared myself with the things I needed so I ended up washing my hair with baby bath, not being able to find pyjamas, hairbrush or my hair dryer so went to bed with rats tails wet hair but luckily I did find the pjs! 
To top it all off I ate my cereals out of a weighing scales bowl this morning too!
Here’s some photos of our weekend from my phone. I will be back on track soon once all is sorted, Internet is working and I have a bit more spare time 🙂 
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  1. Donna says:

    Congrats on the new house – looking forward to seeing more of it. Sounds like you had an eventful Easter x

  2. Glad the house move went smoothly and I hope you all settle in to life in your new home. You're right, house moves are so bittersweet, aren't they? On one hand it's so exciting to start a new adventure, but also sad to say goodbye to your old home too. I look forward to seeing how to transform it from a house to your home sweet home xx

  3. Moves are so stressful! We really would like to get a bigger house, but just can't afford the bigger mortgage that will go along with it yet! ha!
    Glad the move went smoothly

    Kay xxx


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