Living Arrows 2015 – 14/52

I love to watch these two together, their bond is something amazing to witness. Each afternoon, phoenix has now got into the habit of knowing when Daddy is due home from work, he looks out, and let’s out a huge squeal once he can see Daddy’s van. Then the squeals reach a higher pitch when he is waiting for Daddy to appear around from the car, huge grin on his face playing peekaboo! 
“Where’s my boy……BOO!”
These photos were taken on our recent holiday to woolacombe (post will come once I have home internet again! Promise!) and j couldn’t help but feel so proud and lucky to see these two in their element. I can imagine what adventures they’ll get up to as Phoenix gets older, Mr T has always been very outdoorsy and loves to go on adventures in the wild, all the things he did as a kid – as did I. But there is something really lovely about seeing these two, my two amazing chaps coming together. Their bond blossoming each day. 
I know that this man is the most amazing, loving and best Daddy in the world to our three little ones. He is such an incredible role model for them, he makes them feel safe, makes them laugh, loves them unconditionally. I love the way he will do everything in his power to make us happy, even at the cost of being a sacrifice in the past. His outlook on life is something so admirable and I’m so thankful our littles have him to look up to, to be with and to love back. 
A fathers bond with his children is one of the most breath taking powers on earth. Especially through my eyes. 
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  1. Carie says:

    Aww those are such gorgeous pictures I love their happy smiles!!

  2. pixiedusk says:

    Awww what a lovely relationship! Same with our household. My son also adores his Dad very much. #livingarrows

  3. I love seeing a man babywearing! Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday x

  4. Gorgeous photos, there's nothing lovelier than the sight of parents babywearing πŸ™‚ x

  5. Amber says:

    AMAZING pictures and some super-cool scenery! Phoenix is such a cutie.

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