Siblings 2015 – April

This month has been a bit of a whirlwind for our little siblings so far.
We said goodbye to our old home sweet home & moved to our new house which we are hoping to turn into our new ‘home sweet home’, we’ve been living out of boxes and spending lots of time not really knowing where to start! Yve’s also returned to preschool this week after about 4 weeks off due to chicken pox, our holiday to Woolacombe (post coming soon!!) and half term. Around all of this, my little trio never cease to amaze me at how well they adapt, children are so resilient to the world without even realising it, they take each event and grasp it, turning anything into a new adventure. Something us adults could learn from every now and again is to not let all this stress you out and just embrace it and go one day at a time, seeing the magic and opportunities in everything.
We’ve spent so much time at home, something we love to do, its been so nice… Even if we are up to our eyeballs in DIY, paperwork, boxes and stupid amounts of cleaning. We’ve managed to have lots of fun baking, helping Mumma prepare dinners, crafting, face painting, with the most time spent in the garden.These three have such a special bond that changes and grows each day. The way the girls adore their baby brother is something I find so heart warming and precious to see. Where he is getting more mobile, into everything, they are always there to lend a hand and make sure he is safe. They love to get him involved in their games, especially in the garden most afternoons. Yve’s has always had a ‘Mother Hen’ attribute which is adorable, she really does dote on her younger siblings and like to know they’re okay. She’s always trying to help Halle out with something, advising her on how it should be done but with Halle being at the age where she can “do it all herself” she gets a little frustrated at times but it resolves itself when they both show their ways of doing something, or she gives in and lets big sister show her the way. The way they refer to Phoenix as “baby boy” in mid conversation absolutely melts my heart!

I was at the shops with the littlest two this morning and as being served by the sales assistant, a lovely charming lady aged about 70 odd was asking Halle some questions and boy does she make me laugh. Wherever we go, Halle will be in deep conversation with elderly people. She told the lady that her big sister has chicken pox (which went ages ago!), that you mustn’t scratch them,  that her  baby brother doesn’t  sleep well at night like her, and that she is a good girl. – cute or what. it was like I wasn’t even there, she is just such a people person! We then got home from picking Yve’s up and she said to her “oh Yve’s I missed you, I’ve just waited for ages for you today” bless her. Its lovely to spend time with the little two, but boy do we all miss our Yve’s, even though it is for a short while! Its like they are the most amazing little people in their own right, but at the same time they flourish when together.

I watch the girls when in conversation and I just stop in mesmerisation that one day they are going to be grown up having conversations, young ladies sharing their matters, comforting one another like they do now, having the disagreements like they sometimes do now albeit not over a toy in years to come but all the same the way they are now I can see them being this way throughout life. Regardless of the emotions, a snatched toy, a bad mood – these two always manage to make up and are fully aware of how they need to be there for one another. They bicker like a pair of old ladies sometimes, and I have recently heard them say to each other “well, you will not be coming to my birthday party then”, “Oh well, you’re just moody pants” which can be hard getting the right balance of validating the issues and making sure they they do apologise when relevant and restore the love as soon as possible, half the time they do this on their own without me intervening.

I just want them to know that some day there is going to be a day when the three of them will only have each other for comfort in years to come, or whenever that tie may be and I want to know that they will forever be standing there, side by side, there for each other through thick and thin.

(Excuse the grim carpet, we can’t wait to get rid of it!)

Moments like these are ones that I adore. I hope they remain this close forever.
dear beautiful
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  1. Clarina S says:

    These are such sweet pictures and you write so beautifully about your littles… I've only just discovered your blog, but your dynamic sounds very similar to ours. We have two girls and are expecting number three in a few weeks. I worry sometimes how things will change when the dynamic shifts from two to three, but your post has given me hope! #siblings

  2. Carie says:

    Oh reading this made me chuckle – it's such a similar dynamic to my three and it is just so lovely watching that bond develop isn't it!

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