Let Them Be Little – A new project.

This morning, Daddy was up stairs with the little two & Yve’s and I came downstairs ready to make some breakfast, she asked if she could watch some of our old home movies, and look at some photos from when she was a baby. Going through them all, watching her reaction, giggling while she watches herself being silly, walking for the first time, babbling away. She sits and snuggles with me, questioning why she’s not a ‘baby’ anymore, how she looks like Phoenix, and how Halle was a ‘baldy’. She flicks her flowing long golden hair and it hit me. How and when did my baby get so big? watching the videos seemed like I was right there, back in that moment, feeling those same feelings. yet we’re four years on from that. how? it’s something I ask myself so much, and I know technically its pretty obvious, but when you’re a parent you don’t see it that way, you want to freeze and be in that moment with your littles forever. 
From the moment I first laid my eyes on our first baby just over 4 years ago I knew I didn’t want to miss a thing. Her tiny hands, chubby feet, chunky thighs, curly lashes, dark hair, the adorable little squirms, and that smell – it’s something so crazy as you’ve just pushed this baby out moments before, yet the smell of your beautiful bundle of joy is something you never want to forget right? Do you ever get that feeling when your in a moment and you feel it, I mean really feel that huge rush go through you where you want to remember the little things, you get sudden flash backs to that first moment you laid your eyes on your long awaited  precious cargo and just for a moment you want to be back there, or back at another specific memory of your little ones. 
I often get so emotional, driving on the pre-school run  just because they seem to be growing at a rapid rate, i’m noticing this more recently. Things like when Yve’s will come out with the most random, inquisitive yet utterly adorable questions, wanting to know everything, the whole world right in that moment, and when Halle will shout at every single ‘Postman Pat’ vehicle she sees and squeals with sheer excitement, She even got the shock of her life yesterday when we walked past ‘Postman Pat’ & he said good afternoon to her – gobsmacked she was! innocent minds of our littles that are transforming day by day. Simple yet fascinating little moments like watching my little baby boy start to toddle around exploring the garden, helping the girls find worms, picking daisies,feeling the different textures. The complete full circle of childrens emotions that arise, blossoming friendships, bonds, little quirks, that first curl, those little freckles, that cheek dimple, amazing eyes, gorgeous lashes, the innocent much needed baby naps, the way your hair is an instant comfort to snuggle with to twiddle around little hands, that ever so tiring yet heart warming night nursing, the wildflowers handed to you with such thoughtfulness, the way she runs and does a little hop at the end, his little giggle when he turns the hoover off when you’re busy using it, the concentration when colouring her favourite colouring in book, the request to hold hands, the moment when you all just sit and relax with a wonderful story together, the way they look at their Daddy, the way they care for and guide their baby brother, the beautiful way they greet you and each other every morning with a smile, ‘i love you’ and the vision of a fresh new day of learning. 
 Its these little moments that I love to remember. The simple moments that sometimes get lost.
Remember, that time goes by without us even realising sometimes, life gets so busy and it just takes over. Lets slow it down, don’t rush and expect them to grow up too fast. Let them enjoy being a carefree child as long as possible. 
Lets embrace our children’s sacred babyhood to childhood, and ‘Let them be little’.

 I am forever with my camera, be it my phone easily accessible, or my ‘big cam’ in my bag. I have so many images that I never get time to share, I post daily on my Instagram account, but would love to write more about these moments, and share an image or two. I’m by no means the most fantastic photographer, I have completely self-taught myself a lot of manual settings the past few years and would love to include these for you, tips of photographing your littles. I should’ve started at the beginning of the year but it’s just been so busy and i’m only now finally getting the chance to write it, As of next year I will start it in January and it will be for the full 52 weeks. but for now I will hope to post every Thursday, with an open linky for you to join me, you can link 1-2 new or old posts as I think some of the old memories hold the biggest love sometimes.

If you don’t blog, please feel free to post on Instagram and link by using the hashtag #letthembelittleproject. I would also love to share some of my favourites by you that have been linked here or the instagram hashtag on my blog as well.

And dont forget to grab the badge and paste to the bottom of your posts! I look forward to reading πŸ™‚ 

Would you like to join me in sharing your  ‘Let them be little’ moments? 
Little Jam Pot Life
Little Jam Pot Life
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  1. Aww I love this idea Natalie! I'm the same, I sometimes look at Freddie on the way to nursery, I'll catch a glance of him in the rear view mirror and feel a little choked up inside. I wonder where time goes, how he's got so grown up. I was talking about this earlier with my husband and saying I reckon there's fewer than 100 photos of me as a baby or toddler- and how I wish I could remember what it was like to be a baby. I'd love to be able to look back on my early years and see what i got up to- not the big trips, but the small moments at home. I totally agree with you about letting them be little. So many of my friends are so eager for their littles to grow up so fast- to be the first to walk, to be the first to use a potty. I look forward to recording some of the smaller moments in a child's life… and join in with your linky πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Donna says:

    This is such a lovely idea and I love the badge πŸ™‚ I'll try and remember to link up – may take me a few weeks to get into a routine x

  3. Alana Perrin says:

    I love this linky! It fits in with a project I was about to star on my blog sharing some of my older photos. Sorry I've linked up twive, it told me it had failed first time … could be something to do with the baby bashing my keyboard!
    Alana x

  4. Lovely idea. Will add to my "link page" later. Sweet warm baby is sleeping in my lap at moment. Will link up soon.

  5. I've linked up honey. I love the idea. I do just this on my blog, trying to record all the memories. Your post is lovely and found myself nodding a long to all you were saying. Lil G got his primary school place this week so I'm feeling rather nostalgic about the kindergarten run. X x

    • Ah thank you πŸ™‚ I'm looking forward to reading them each week. Thats exactly it, life whizzes by so fast then you realise your baby is soon to be at school, and you think. where have those years gone, the first hold, the first feed, first crawl, walk, exploring sand foods and so on. it just flies and I dont want to miss it, or forget xx

  6. This is a beautiful idea for a project. So much of what you say is also why I started my blog (just over four years ago, yikes!) and I'm always so glad I did! Look forward to joining in, I've shared a post from this time last year xx

  7. I love the idea of this link up and what a beautiful blog!

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