Sister Date with a lovely afternoon tea, Oxford.

On the 1st of this month my little sister turned 17. To do it differently this year I decided not to buy her just an ordinary present, the usual piece of jewellery, clothing, etc, but I thought what with a lot of family issues going on we both needed time to spend together as sisters. As i’ve mentioned before in my London post, I find it hard breaking away from my littles, even for a few hours but days like these are good for me, and good for our sister relationship, our life long bond. It felt like a lovely little time out for me after feeling a little rubbish and a bit stressed out from the house move, having some time to just have a  chat and laugh together was definitely needed all round. So, I had booked for us to have an afternoon tea together, wrote it in a little note for her to open in her card & she was thrilled and gave me a big hug & said that no one had done anything like that for her before – it was a lovely feeling knowing we were going to get our special day together! 
I had booked us to go to the Oxford Randolph Hotel, but absolutely randomly it had caught on fire Friday night, the night before our booking. Poppi text me to say “oh, I don’t think we’re going now as it’s on fire!” I’m so glad no one was seriously hurt and even more thankful that we wasn’t there when it happened, scary thought. So I wanted to make sure we still had our day, we made it into town after all the traffic due to the aftermath of the fire, went to patisserie Valerie, only to realise they don’t actually do afternoon teas, so off to ‘The Grand Cafe’ we went. A little historical fact for you, The beautiful gold leafed building site is the first coffee house in England (according to Samuel Pepsy’s diary 1650)! (Read more about the history here.) The food was delicious, the only disappointing thing was that it didn’t come with the little cakes we were expecting along side the scones – piggy pants i know but i’m a sucker for cake!
Food aside, it was such a lovely time spent with her, we laughed so much that we cried, shared meaningful conversations, reminisced about certain memories, confided in each other and just had a blast. 
We’ve made a point that it shouldn’t just be for special occasions, it’s something we want to do more regular now, and for it to be an ordinary thing for us to have our days like this.
All the rest of the images are from my phone.
Afternoon tea for two sisters.
We laugh uncontrollably when together, can you tell? 
English breakfast tea for the win.
Mirror selfies!
My face is cringe!
Our ‘tourist’ photos

Absolutely love this little shop called ‘The Pod Company’, so many nice things here.
This was so random, We were literally joking before we got i the shop that we were like a pair of tourists in our own home city, couldn’t find the cafe and looks like a baffled duo. I then flicked through this book and opened up on this page – the words made us giggle but couldn’t be more true.
Sister selfies (not sure where my eyebrows think they’re going but hey!)
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  1. Aw what a lovely gift to give your sister. Your afternoon tea looks delicious (even without the cakes!). Sounds like you had a lovely time together- how fab getting to be tourists in your own home town! I love spending moments like this with my sisters but it's something we don't do often enough- think I might organise a little rendezvous with them after reading this 🙂 Amelia xx

  2. Carie says:

    What a wonderful treat for you and your sister! I'm sorry to hear there was a fire at the Randolph but hurrah for The Grand Cafe – my college was nearby and we always went there for posh hot chocolate at the end of term before heading home – very happy memories!

  3. Oh looks like you had a lovely day. I am rather hungry now after looking at all those cakes. yum yum! xx

  4. What a lovely idea for a gift for your sister!! Sounds like some sister sister time was definitely needed too!!
    How sad that there was a fire in the place you were supposed to go that's really awful but the place you found looks absolutely gorgeous!!
    So glad you had a lovely day together and that you will plan to do it more often too! X

  5. What a lovely day together and the afternoon tea looks so yummy. I love reading about you and your sister as I know you have the same age gap as me and mine. x

  6. Mary Smith says:

    Its so nice to be able to spend time together without kids – life gets so busy and mad that it can be ages between hanging with my sisters and we rarely hang without all the kids. Looks a beautiful and special day!

    Ps loving the red and white blouse! x

  7. Julie F says:

    Oh my goodness this place looks so cute! There aren't many cute tearoom type places anymore. I love it!


  8. Wry Mummy says:

    This made me want to ring my sisters immediately! (I am lucky to have three!). That photo of the two of you at the end is just gorgeous! Sounds like you had such a lovely afternoon together, and that cafe looks gorgeous. I would have been a little disappointed about the cakes too 😉

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