‘Let them be little’ – Water fights

Can you remember your childhood memories which included ‘water fights’? I can, and those are fond memories for me, the amount of fun we use to have playing out the back with endless amounts of water, and even soapy water down a makeshift water shoot. 
now the weather is getting warmer, the evenings are lighter, the little ones absolutely love to get the water table out, whether to play games in, with the utensils, water the plants to “help them grow and have a drink” or to just chill out. Phoenix loves water play so much too, even though he’s at that age where he feels its constant access to a cool beverage, bless. I love to watch them having fun with the water table, I just wish this house wasn’t so hectic and I could just drop it all and join in the fun with them instead of being behind the camera! That being said, we do have the ‘mud pie’ moments that don’t please me much when i’ve just finished cleaning the area ready to do my washing, i’m all for the mud pies and exploration and this is why we have a wonderful plan for our garden to have an area which the littles can make as much mud pies, mud brownies, or mud anything until their hearts content – without digging up all my plants at the ‘adult end of the garden where the seating is. Their Grampy is kindly giving us a brand new wendy house from his house that they can have as their den, i’ve been planning how I want to do a mini vegetable patch so they can learn more about what they eat, Grampy is going to make his wonderful water guttering game along the fence again like last summer and here’s the best part.. we’re going to make a little fairy garden 🙂 
Its going to be fab for them, and us. But for now, we will continue to enjoy these little memories that also bring some lovely nostalgia for us too. Children having fun, playing with water in the glorious sunshine with the people they love most, each other. 
I love how this little chap goes into his own little world.
I shot these around 5pm the other evening, the weather was so beautiful, the sunset was golden and it just created the perfect haze. I used my Canon 35mm f/2 lens, with 1/1250 shutter speed as the girls were moving pretty fast with the water jumping up and down like crazy!
I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you who had linked up last week, who commented and who joined in on the Letthembelittleproject hashtag on Instagram. 
My favourite instagram this week was this from Laura at Hello mister magpie.

My favourite blog post came from the lovely Amelia at Oh little one sweet. Its such a heartfelt post that many can relate to, she talks about remembering the first days of being a Mama to her beautiful little chap, how time flies watching them grow and how it can sometimes seem like a lifetime ago that they were ever so tiny. 
If you fancy linking up your Let them be little moments, please link up & I look forward to reading! For more info, please read my first post from last week.

Little Jam Pot Life

Little Jam Pot Life
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  1. Aww this is so so lovely! I used to love water fights in the garden when I was little. And the memories are still so vivid. It looks like your littles have so much fun together- sounds like you have some wonderful plans for the garden. Thank you so much for the lovely mention too, I feel really flattered to have been mentioned and I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂 xxx

  2. Lovely photos, and totally agree. Nothing makes summer memories like splashing about in water when it starts getting warm 🙂 Looks they were having a blast! xx

  3. This looks so much fun! Lovely photos and perfect evening light. Funnily enough, I was teaching my daughter how to make origami water bombs at the weekend, but we haven't tested them yet! Thanks so much for featuring my Instagram pic too! xx

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