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Phoenix’s sleep is still up and down so I got these books for a small price. I remember buying books before but they just didnt suit my style of parenting and are currently waiting to go to the charity shop. Its funny at how just because you have more than one child, you still don’t have all the answers, they’re all different! I’m going to be talking about this more soon, but in short, he is just started walking now, and also teething, plus overcoming the chicken pox interrupted the whole sleep thing, he’s never been one of those babies that has “slept through from so many weeks old” and to be honest i’m glad none of them did that! 
Spotted this cute little cafe right near my house the other day, yet to go in there but it looks so lovely! This sign was an instant winner.
I’ve also been reading the lovely posts linked up to my new little project called ‘Let them be little’. Its so inspiring and refreshing to read about others special memories. Feel free to join in the linky on this weeks post, open until Thursday. Or to refresh you of what its all about, here’s my first post


It made my day when we found this on youtube – such a fond memory of mind and feels bonkers that i have now watched it with my own girls! My sister & I were more excited than the girls at one point as they said “Mummy, she has big hair, thats not the real barbie” I was in hysterics!

Watching this little girl ride her bike lots, being so enthusiastic to take the stabilisers off too, soon my girl!

My bargain River Island dress for about £4 I think. 

The circus chic came out to play last Saturday for afternoon tea with my sister! love my little necklace, I got it for £1 from H&M ages ago!
I worse my shirt from RiverIsland, Juju Jellies from Office, French Connection black skinnies, with my lovely GANT blazer.
Completely forgot I had these, & found them when sorting boxes.
The girls have been wearing their lush white tops from last year, lace & crochet are our faves.
On our holiday to Chichester last year we spent a day in Bognor Regis where we got the three littles these personalised tops. One of the reasons was that we chose quite unusual names for our littles so we can never find them in the shops, lovely as they’re fab names but sad as they always wonder why they don’t have their names! I remember this in a different way as ‘Natalie’ was always sold out and I looked furiously towards the millions of ‘Natasha’ key rings sat waiting to be sold, haha. another reason was that we love campervans, and hope to buy one some day. The girls always shout “camper van!” “minnibago”(winnebago) whenever they see one – cute. I still have my personalised t-shirt from when I went to Bognor as a kid, crazy really. 
We were kindly sent this cute outfit for little P from a lovely independent company called Garabatisse last week, it came enclosed with a very adorable thank you note with a childrens doodle on it, nice touch 🙂 A very ironic review coming soon!

Ah I loved Nelly Furtado in my teenage years, still think she’s fab so when this came on in the car I did have a cool Mama bop. *air punch*
We’ve got our ‘bake on’ this week.
The girls made some smartie cakes
We’re trying to get eating more variety now we’ve moved house. it’s a little hectic but we’ve given it a go. and I love home cooked foods even if im not the best chef. Heres seasoned tuna steaks, cayenne pepper mushrooms, goose fat roast potatoes, and veggies.

And I made lemon drizzle cake.

I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts this week. emotional, tired and just overwhelmed with the house move I think and struggling to keep up with everything along with making my loves happy. Forgetting that I need time as well, I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish about myself too, which I do not like, I like to be positive, glass half full. but when things get tough it sometimes takes it out of anyone. But this quote couldn’t be more relevant to me right now.
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20 Discussion to this post

  1. Another Bun says:

    Another one having a bit of a wobbly week here too. Sending a hug your way xxx

  2. Bizarre moment there, I'm not a Nelly Furtado fan but for some reason, as I clicked on your post, I started singing I'm Like a Bird. I'm read through your post only to spot Nelly Furtado! Spoookkky!

  3. Clarina S says:

    Gorgeous shoes! We are huge lace and crochet fans too… Just the sweetest thing on little girls! Love that coffee quote… And I don't even like coffee! #littleloves

  4. So much to love in this post. What a bargain of a dress! Love it. Lovely white lace and crochet too on the girls. How exciting that your girl wants to ride without stabilisers!!! Bring on the summer and have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Donna says:

    I love all the baking you do with your children – they will remember that forever. Beautiful photos – love the coffee sign in the cafe! x

  6. Alice says:

    What a lovely week, I hope you're having a restful weekend. Moving house is such a strain even without little ones , give yourself time and space to recover 🙂 your baking looks delicious, and some lovely outfits going on. Have a good week xx

  7. Jo Nicholson says:

    I love the quote at the end, it pretty much sums up how I'm feeling at the minute too. A little (well, a lot actually) overwhelmed.
    The Nelly Furtado song made me smile, my husband has a huge crush on her and often jokes she's going to be his second wife (he'd be lucky!) xx

  8. Love your style. I need to revamp my wardrobe it's horrible and nothing fits me right anymore. this is so lovely and what a great week it looks like you all had. So cute. #littleloves

  9. Loving all your outfits, what a bargain that dress was!
    I can totally relate to that quote at the end, I think we all feel like that at times. I hope you get a bit of me-time lovely xx

  10. Loving those shoes! I wish I could find a pair of those in a box I'd forgotten about! Hope you feel better next week. That quote is a great one to live by. In the meantime, you look fab, especially in that cute River Island dress, #littleloves x

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