Living Arrows 2015 – 17/52

My darling boy is almost 15 months old and he is changing so much every single day. 
He’s teething some new teeth revealing more sleepless nights.
After crawling since the age of 7 months, cruising since the age of 9 months, taking steps from around 13 months, and this week he has decided is the time to be a proper ‘toddler’. 
Walking about like a drunken old man, completely adorable!
A new lease on life, seeing the world through a different view with a faster pace.
My little almost 15 month old is now in his own bedroom, which has benefitted his (& our) sleep – slightly.
He has a funny little obsession with ‘Henry’ our beloved hoover.
An ever bigger obsession with Daddy’s work van, he screeches so loudly every single day that Daddy returns home from work, points out the window, looking for the keys just desperate to get out!
He’s almost topped the record for the longest amount of time that i’ve breastfed a baby/toddler. (Yve’s stopped at 13 months, Halle was 15 months) I think he will stop in the next few months, we’re in no hurry as he only has about 1-2 feeds from me per day. 
That being said, he’s recently started enjoying a little cow’s milk along side mine.
He absolutely loves playing with footballs, tool kits, Daddy’s tools & the kitchen utensils. Actually, everything in the kitchen is what he loves! 
This little explorer adores being outside in the garden, searching for worms with his big sisters, getting grubby in the mud pies and just taking it all in.
The girls have their ‘Bobbie Bear, Lamb Lamb, & Mimi Mouse’ as their favourite comforts. This little chap has the most affectionate love for his lovely starry baby blue blanket. Once he wakes after his nap or when he’s ready for bed time this is the thing he searches for just to have an extra snuggle with. 
Here’s some photos of my beautiful baby boy from in the week, being his cheeky self & enjoying his new steps in the garden. 
Living Arrows
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9 Discussion to this post

  1. pixiedusk says:

    He is a ball of energy! Lovely photos =) #livingarrows

  2. Amy Wharton says:

    These photos are lovely! I love the personality shining through in them all. #livingarrows

  3. He's asorable!!!
    The twins have Henry Hoover toy hoovers which they adore!
    I'll ask Jon where he got them from xx

  4. Adorable * stupid phone making words up x

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