50 elements of Happiness.

I have been drafting a ‘Happiness’ post for a while now, taking time now & then to really appreciate the things that make me happy. So when the lovely Esther from Inside and about tagged me in her Happiness post, feeling inspired by lost of peoples bundles of happiness made me post mine. 

Here’s 50 things that make my heart happy, in no particular order.
1. My three littles.
2.Morning cup of tea
3.Warm sunshine with a cool breeze
4.My amazing soulmate
5.My dad who also happens to be one of my best friends.
6.My little Albert. (God I miss him)
7.Our day to day ordinary life
9.Giving birth
10.My two best girlfriends Zoe & Charlotte
11.Breastfeeding & knowing all the issues I overcome.
13.Mudeford trips with my little gang.
14.Retail therapy
15.Hot Chocolates in quirky cafes
16.All four seasons
17.Having peaceful time with my thoughts, especially in a relaxing lavender bath
18.The sound of the sea waves with the smell of sea air
19.Fresh flowers around my home 
20.Fish & chips by the seaside
21.My little’s faces on their birthdays or Christmas morning
22.Remembering the good parts of my childhood.
23.My siblings.
24.Listening to a song, you know the kind of song when the words just mean, everything.
25.Art & Design
26.Stationary – complete & utter addict.
27.My cameras & lenses
28.Learning new things
29.Overcoming a fear
30.Opening up a brand new diary
31.A good pot of tea
32.Playing hairdressers & having my hair brushed by my girls.
33.Family snuggle & storytime
34.Listening to my littles imaginations, wishes.
35.This wonderful blogging world
36.A completed DIY project.
37.Being organised (something I fail at regularly but trying to work on!)
38.Full back massages, mani, pedis – and relax…
39.Charity shop hunting
40.Feeling inspired my someone or something.
42.Crafting with my littles.
43.Crafting for own creative flair.
44.That my wonderful Nan has met my three littles & that they love her so much.
45.Walks & adventures in the countryside.
46.Laughing so much at the jokes, toasting Marshmallows next to a camp fire.
47.Getting lost in a good book.
48.Remembering my ‘going out nights’ from my teens.
49.Making our family movies, documenting our little life.
50.Afternoon tea.

If you fancy joining in, send me the link, i’d love to read! 

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7 Discussion to this post

  1. Clarina S says:

    Love this Natalie… I wrote mine last week and there were some definite similarities! Such a lovely idea, isn't it?! And you are so right about completed DIY projects… That feeling is the best! Have linked mine up too 🙂 http://clarinascontemplations.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/my-happy-list.html

  2. I love this list! I actually wrote a similar post myself the other week – http://www.thisgloriouslife.co.uk/blog/30-positive-things – really nice to focus on all the good things! x

  3. Bethan Sian says:

    Love this list! I did mine not so long ago!

    Beth | http://www.life-as-mum.co.uk

  4. What a beautiful happiness post and I love your list. It's great to take time to be thankful and grateful for all the little amazing things in our life. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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