‘Let them be little’ – Stay a little moment Mumma

Our little Halle turns three at the end of next month. It seems just like yesterday that I gave birth to her. It’s a frightening thought to be honest, as it is when any of my little reach a new birthday. A rush of emotions of happiness, grief and excitement bundled into one massive lump in your throat. You wish your children health, adventure and knowledge yet want to enjoy, embrace and preserve all that is little about them. 
I know this is how I feel, all the time that is. 
Each day I find my little Halle doing all those things, learning new things, telling me about her world, teaching me new ways about life and also showing me that she still has those small elements of her baby self still left – which I love and never want to let go of.
Her beautiful blonde hair that still has that crazy bed head chic to it.
The way she goes in any situation with full confidence & sometimes little thought.
The way she loves her back tickled to soothe her when sleepy.
Or even more so, the comfort since birth is to twiddle hair whether its mine, Daddy’s, Yve’s or her own.
How she asks to sit on my knee just to get an extra little hug.
The way she can cheer you up with the little “I’ll be your best friend forever Mumma”
Or the morning when she asked if she could marry me and we will be that way for always.
I love how this little girl has such a big amount of emotions in her, this can drive me bonkers on some days but she has the most love inside of her beating heart.
She most certainly beats to the sound of her own drum.
My little H loves to know your around, especially at bed time. “can you just sit with me”, “stay a little moment”, and to tell me “I loves you so lots Mummy”
She shouts out for her Daddy if she feels a little unsettled in the night, the love of his hair will never fade!
My little girl is growing so fast, I hope that the day doesn’t come soon when she doesnt say 
“Stay a little moment Mumma”
Little Jam Pot Life
Little Jam Pot Life

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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my post from last week 🙂 You write such beautiful words Natalie. Halle is so gorgeous and you can see the energy through the photos! I hope she has a wonderful birthday and never stops saying 'stay a little moment mama' (how cute!) xx

  2. Carie says:

    Aww she's just adorable and still so little despite the impending birthday! I love that she wants to marry you; Kitty has decided that she's marrying H and Elma is marrying Pip!!

  3. Clarina S says:

    Just the most gorgeous post… She sounds just like my second one too… Strong and opinionated but so loveable and affectionate. Precious little lady.x

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