Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015 – April

April, you’ve been a rather chaotic one to say the least. 
In March we had a lot of excitement, tiredness, illnesses, and nervous feelings in the air due to our holiday away to Woolacombe, a combined time of around 5 weeks of chicken pox with all three littles getting them one after the other, each getting worse, then our imminent house move. Once we got back home from our adventure we literally got the go ahead and was moving the next weekend. ONE week in which to pack up our life, all our belongings, the childrens things and a lot of stuff we’re still yet to filter through and declutter. It’s been a nice month really, the April half term helped wonders with the chicken pox hit and the rapid house move. It enabled me to not be on such a schedule for a few weeks, and could just go with the flow.
I’d be lying if I’d say its all been plain sailing, because it hasn’t. It has been really stressful at times and has got the better of me on a few occasions, resulting in horrible negative feelings, and tears. This is our fifth house move in the nearly 9 years we’ve been together but our first proper move with us being parents. (aside from the last when Yve’s was only small) but its been strenuous on some days just from living out of our holiday suitcases and trunki’s, boxes everywhere, no room to move with everything around etc, not to mention that this house was absolutely filthy when we moved in despite us completely blitzing ours and cleaning it vigorously. After weeks of us feeling quite resentful that we’d left our lovely home sweet home and that we’d walked into a dirty dump we finally just bit the bullet and accepted that at least we’ve left a positive lasting view really, and if someone thinks its okay to leave broken chairs, rubbish, dog hairs, and just pure filth for a family with three small kids to walk into then – I think you know the impression they’ve left on us. We’ve been here four weeks almost and we’ve made so many changes and progress already including a brand new kitchen which i’ll be sharing more about soon, it’s beautiful! 
Phoenix has gone from crawling, doing the mowgli walk, cruising, taking steps to – running everywhere in the matter of a week. This has made our Friday mornings together even more enjoyable as he just love to play at the park, chasing a ball, shouting at the pigeons and looking for dogs. It’s so cute when they finally get the confidence to just go! Another change I’ve noticed, is that I think May will be the month that he weans from breastfeeding, he’s 15 months now and is officially the one who I’ve fed the longest (even though its only once or twice in 24 hours) Its always a sad time for me when they end this journey but its just another chapter in our story.
I can’t end this post without mentioning that I had the most wonderful little day with my sister, enjoying a lovely afternoon tea, a gift that I got her for her 17th birthday present. It was so nice after a lot of family issues, for us to just relax and have fun together! Oh…and I built up the courage last week, took the plunge and at long last – booked my ticket for Blogtacular this year, my first ever blog event! So excited, but also equally nervous. It’s going to be lovely to finally talk to people in ‘real life’! Talking about taking plunges, I also have had a little idea in mind for a little project where I can remember all the little things about my children, so I made a little linky where you can also join me. It’s called the ‘Let the be little Project’ you can read more about it here, and link up to this weeks here.
These photos were taken in one of our favourite local parks, with the add of a couple of outtakes. Camera hanging off the pushchair for dear life! Can you tell who’s the little prankster?
Rather awkward pose here, I look pregnant – but I’m not!

If you’d like to see our family portraits in one place, find the button on the right hand side, it’s lovely to see all the changes! 
dear beautiful
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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Carie says:

    They're beautiful photos and remarkably calm after such a crazy month. I'd have been spitting bricks at moving into such a messy house when you have little ones but odd though it sounds it was cleaning our house that made it really feel like ours.

    • Thank you Carie. it's been a whirlwind! Oh I know what you mean, we scrubbed top to bottom, its just it wasn't helpful when we have three littles, and it just goes to show that some people really don't care what lasting images they leave for themselves. xx

  2. Clarina S says:

    What a month! Bless you! Sounds like it's been a roller coaster ride! You are in, though, and it guess now can begin the exciting but long journey of making it yours. I can't imagine moving with kids – big respect!! Sounds like Phoenix has aced the walking thing anyway! Crawling to walking in a week? That's good going! Lovely pics (and no… You don't look pregnant!!)

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