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You’re probably bored of me saying this lately but time is literally so short right now. I feel like I have so many things I want to do, need to do yet the time just gets lost. I’m not the most organised person at the best of times, with three littles along side me almost 99% of the time we do what we can, when we can, and try our best. 
I try my best.
We do lead a very happy life, and I am forever thankful for all that I have. 
Its just when I sit alone in my thoughts, I wish to be more at peace with myself instead of feeling like im on a constant struggle to keep up with everything. Being the best Mum, the best girlfriend, putting enough time into getting the house into some kind of order, keeping up with my own interests, my blog, being the best  version of me. Self-pressure could very easily become a downward spiral if left un addressed. I’ve always been the person who wants to ‘get it all done‘ but this is my down fall, I try to do too much, resulting in not much being done or not actually recognising all the things I have managed to do. I dwell on all those things I haven’t managed to do, within a ridiculous amount of time, yet I forget to praise myself for all that have done. 
I really find it hard detaching away from this mind set, which is something I want to change. 
Its funny really, as at times I find these feelings easy to cope with, easy to address, yet there are the times (like recently) when it all gets a bit overwhelming and a huge cloud covers the sunshine with a clout of negativity – not good for anyone. All in all, I think us moving house has put pressure, that along side that I set myself. I just want to make sure everyone is settled, I want to know i’m ‘keeping up’ but I guess I just need to remember that I am only human, and that comparison really is the thief of the most joyous moments. 
I then the other week wrote a long list of all the things that make my heart happy. This helped me to reflect and feel a huge sense of gratitude, it made me forget all these awful feelings rattling around at the moment and to just let go. 
I want to live a more simplified life, one where I can be at peace with my family, not get so hung up on the things I haven’t managed to get done that day, the little DIY project I set myself, the unread emails, feeling like my blogging/photography journey is a failure as I feel so behind, and to just be thankful for all the things I have done and more importantly all the things I have in my life right now.
A simple and unplanned day was just what we needed, we had a delicious english breakfast in a cafe, spent time at the park, chose some tiles to finalise our new kitchen, and went to a family BBQ. The time I spend with my little family is the most sacred to me, these are the moments that open my eyes with fresh perspective, everything else can wait.

Here’s a few photos from my phone 🙂

mummy daddy me
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  1. Ah, those are the best days, especially when they're in amongst the frantic ones, where you feel like you're getting nowhere despite having a huge to-do list. I think always feeling that we need to do more is so common now, and it's hard and it's sad. We do need to take time out to take stock of the good stuff, and then do more of what makes us happy. Often easier said than done! x

  2. Carie says:

    That sounds like the perfect kind of unplanned day, and exactly what you needed after all the crazy of the last month or so. I think that for some reason we all feel that the domestic and childcare to do list should be achievable whereas my work to do list was constantly rolling over and it never phased me at all. Natalie Lu at last year's Blogtacular said "you will always have more ideas than time. It's OK" and it's true!

  3. Donna says:

    Sometimes I think we all need those simple days, to not do much, just be, take stock and get back to where we want to be. It sounds like the perfect day and like you I always feel that time is just too short x

  4. Clarina S says:

    Oh simplicity! How I long for it too! I think this phase of life IS just manic… A constant treadmill! Sometimes I need to take a step back and realise that I am so very blessed to be able to be so busy! And sometimes I think we do just need those stripped back days to recover. Love this post.x

  5. Mary Smith says:

    Love this post! So honest and speaks to many of us im sure…I get so overwhelmed some evening I sit down for some peace and then feel some guilt for all of the things that still need doing or running through everything the next day holds. I recently have tried to just be in the moment with the kids, love it and do that to my very best, as I felt that was my priority..its so far working well as the house some how gets done in between, I have had a few evenings out and there seems to be more balance.

    I do love the days where there is no "TO DO's" , no schedule to rule and just do whatever we fancy. x

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