A 26th Birthday, or shall I say.. 25 plus one.

So yesterday I turned 26, goodness me!
26 years have flown by so fast, I look back and reminisce all the tie – I’m such a soppy nostalgic person, like all the time! I feel like life has given me such a good run so far, i’m incredibly blessed with all that I have in my life. Any unfortunate experiences have had a positive note to them in the fact that they’ve taught me that life isn’t a rehearsal – this is it. so to embrace and enjoy it as much as you can. Grab it with both hands and feel lucky to be here. I never thought ten years ago that I would have the life I do now, a happy family, three amazing children, and all the experiences to go with it. 
Turning 26 was a lovely day for me as I spent it with my loved ones, I was greeted with a breakfast in bed before the preschool run, both the girls were in that morning, all excited to tell the teachers it was their Mummy’s birthday. I then popped into town with little Phoenix for a birthday hot chocolate, cake and browse. 
Side note: I think I really do need to invest in a good anti-ageing cream though, these sleepless nights are giving me the biggest bags under my eyes!
A lovely afternoon was had once collected the girls, I received some wonderful cards and presents, and a fantastic cake from  Mr T and the littles – A Tinkerbell cake! Mr T has also arranged a spa treat for me for a later date, can’t wait! I had such a beautiful collection of flowers displaying in our kitchen too, I am a huge flower lover and just adore how they brighten up any room.
That evening, my Dad came to watch the little three while we went for a Mummy/Daddy dinner date – birthday edition, it was lovely to spend tie together, eating hot food and having a nice fresh glass of rose.
Birthdays always take ages to come around, but when they do, the day flies and you really sit back and think “wow, another year older, where’s that time gone?”
Birthday love (and a sneak of our new kitchen, yet to be finalised and decorated)
 Lovely gifts
 These nail varnishes are fab! 
Tea infused chocolates, really unique and some crazy mixes! I loves the blueberry tea ones, and the white chocolate infused with green tea!
Every single year, my Dad writes a poem in our birthday cards, love this tradition.
 More floral love
Starting the day with this, breakfast in bed.
Birthdays call for silly amount of chocolate in any way it comes 🙂
A morning in town my my happy chap.
Celebrating my 25+1 birthday with these three helping blow the candles was the best present ever received.
Some birthday treats
We were expecting more of an amazing meal for the price Mr T paid for this meal. It was nice, but not anything to write great things about, especially for the price tag!
I look sloshed in this, but I only had one glass! bad photography Mr T…
I think this is one of my new favourite photos of us. 
I am very grateful indeed.
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