A date night featuring a VIP invite to Thaikhun.

A few weeks back I was very lucky to have been invited for a exclusive launch event evening at the new Thaikhun restaurant opening in Oxford.  I decided that we could use this as a wonderful opportunity to grasp a last minute date night for April as it’s something we’re trying to do at least once a month this year, it’s going well so far! We were also really looking forward to some ‘us’ time, time to relax and just enjoy each other’s company once again after the whirlwind of moving home recently. 

The timing of the event was a little awkward for us but we worked around it, Mr B finished work early, ad Grampy came to watch the littles while we were gone for a couple of hours. Time & traffic wasn’t on our side on the way there and it took us about 45 minutes to what should have been a 15 minute car journey!
As we got to the restaurant I was instantly draw to the friendliest of the staff, very welcoming and directing us to where we could enjoy our first drink. I had my very first martini ever, and Mr decided on an authentic Singha Thai beer. We had a look around taking in all the lovely and quirky aspects of the place, the decor is really funky, quirky yet exudes a very relaxing vibe. I love how they have really researched the Thai elements and portrayed this excellently in the restaurant. 
There was also a thai live band who were showing off their vocals, even if we couldn’t understand a word they were singing, it was still setting the tone for our evening! fun!
After my martini, I switched to some delightful fresh orange juice to quench my thirst, Mr on the other hand was rather enjoying the free beers and continued to have a few more of those. The staff were then bringing around lots of trays of delicious food – starter samples but the trays kept on coming! we tried a whole variety of authentic grilled chicken satay sticks with peanut sauce, grilled sticky marinated pork sprinkled with sesame seeds, prawn toast, sweet and spicy prawns, tofu with carrot, coriander, cucumber wrapped in rice paper with chilli sauce & the all time favourites that are mini spring rolls with sweet chilli dipping sauce.
We then had the staff come round and asked if we wanted to do a thaikhun (pronounced ty-coon) selfie. They gave us a fantastic photo frame prop and we did a little pose, see below! proper cool parents we are… our children will one day beg to differ!
This opening was something really special for Oxford, as they even had the Ambassador from the Thai Embassy London join the event.
Back to the interior & exterior, I was really impressed at how much time they must have put into the design of this place. every detail is of high thoughts and I just love the quirkiness of it. the bright colours, original thai art. Here’s a little info about the Thaikhun story if you fancy a read. I think it’s such a lovely story thats transformed into a fabulous Thai dream for the owner. I also loved how vibrant the place looked from outside, and this showed especially when we were leaving as it was a lot darker, bright reds to be seen everywhere!
We really appreciate the invite and had such a lovely time together, time spent undisturbed is something every parent needs, time to relax, talk, hold hands, laugh and just being the couple you were before life got busy (in the best way possible of course). Everytime we have a date night it is filled with so much talking, ridiculous amounts of laughter and just overall geekiness from us both not to mention affection. Taking the time to do these things are a really important factor we want to keep alive!
Thank you Thaikhun for your lovely invite, we had a blast!
Thank you to Lynsey for the wonderful invite to sample the fine restaurant that is Thaikhun, Oxford.All thoughts and opinions are my own*.

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