{Ordinary Moments 2015} – 19/52 – Every child loves a superhero, we have our own.

Before we found out we were having a baby, I knew he would be an amazing father. He is the most thoughtful, caring and loving person I have ever met.
I often catch myself feeling that huge rush of emotion when I see the bond between him & our children. The love shown is amazing. I love the way he scoops them up in his strong arms, squeezes with cheer devotion and makes them know they are the centre of his world.
I am lucky enough to have the best Dad in the world to me. I have grown up knowing my Dad is there for be every step of the way, the most supportive, witty, courageous, & level headed person I know. He is my role model, and I am going to be forever grateful that my children with have that same feeling when they look at their Daddy. The feeling of knowing you have that person in your life that is your hero, the one who makes the ‘bad dreams’ float away in a peaceful breeze, the one who picks them up when they fall down only to all burst into fits of laughter as the ‘unlucky’ moment, the one who is the best climbing frame, and the one who can make them feel on top of the world. There’s been moments in our journey of parenthood when their Daddy couldn’t be with us for reasons that are very difficult to explain here, but regardless of the situation, he was always there for them. For a while it wasn’t always in person, but always there to leave peace of mind, always there to make everything feel like its going to be okay. We got through a huge struggle as a family, overcome it and are proud to be where we are now – as a family. He made this happen by being one of the best people I know, and the best father, role model to our little trio.
If you’re regular reader here, you’ll notice how much I talk about my littles, and their relationships with family members, myself and their Daddy. it’s something I want to forever document because one day when they’re bigger, they might not see us in this light, the teenage years will come and we may get the moments when they don’t want to be our best friends anymore, or want to ‘marry us and live happily ever after’. I’d love for the littles to read back on this blog some day and see all of these memories, the special occasions or simply these simple yet honest and sweet elements of our lives so far.

Every child loves a superhero, and for our little ones – they have the best one of all.

Forever safe in your arms.
Happiness is having an amazing Daddy to share life with.
So annoyed this one didn’t catch the right focal point, but its the moment captured that means the most to me, sometimes technical perfection is completely irrelevant. plus, look how high she flew!
Linking up with the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me.

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  1. This is such a lovely post Nat and I love to see photos of your little ones with their Daddy as I really do feel like they have a similar relationship to my girls and their Daddy. I know once we chatted about the struggle you went through, and I really do think that has made your family even stronger and more special. You should be very proud of you all. x

  2. Mummy Fever says:

    Ah wow – that last photo is stunning! Beautiful post #OrdinaryMoments

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